PowerSchool (SIS)

Change is Coming!

On November 2, 2023, the North Carolina State Board of Education voted to award a new contract to Infinite Campus to modernize the North Carolina Student Information System (NCSIS). Learn more about the modernized system and its expanded offerings to better serve the students and educators of North Carolina at the NCSIS website.

Home Base NC SIS

PowerSchool is the official student information system used statewide by the public and charter schools of North Carolina for storing and managing student data. It maintains over 1.5 million student records and provides robust capabilities for educators and administrators to effectively manage school processes.  PowerSchool reinforces personalized learning by offering the ability to tailor a student's instructional path with his or her interests, skills, and goals.

One of its many great features is the Parent Portal which gives parents and students access to student grades and assignments online. This information is also available through the Parent Portal App for those on the go!  

Need to contact PowerSchool leads in other PSUs? Click on the PS Public School Unit Contacts button below.

Public School Unit Contacts for PowerSchool Support

More about PowerSchool...

Tab/Accordion Items

  • Real-time student data

  • On-board scheduling utility

  • Attendance tracking

  • Special programs

  • Student transcripts

  • Parent & student portal

  • Course request management

  • Online course registration

  • Enhanced reporting tools for state & federal compliance

  • Transportation integration and much, much more!

Accessing the Home Base tool, PowerSchool, is based on user roles and at the discretion of the local education agency (district).   Steps on how to request user access are below:

Step 1:  Contact your school, school district, or charter school and request access

Step 2:  Once you have been given access, claim your account.

Step 3:  Bookmark this link so that you will have easy access to it in the future.

Parents may only gain access to the PowerSchool Parent and Student Portal. (Students may also access Schoolnet.) This portal gives parents and students access to real-time student data.

Parents should contact their local education agency for access. More details for obtaining access and use are provided in the following video.

laptop and phone

This section includes requested enhancements and NC-specific customizations.

Title Last Update File Type
Enterprise Reporting Preview 12/18/2015 PDF
NC State Reporting Guide 01/02/2014 PDF
NC State Setup Guide 01/02/2014 PDF
Release Notes 06/21/2022 HTML