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Home Base is North Carolina’s suite of digital tools and instructional resources designed to empower teachers, engage students, support administrators, and connect parents to their child’s personalized learning. Since its inception in 2013, Home Base has developed into a  comprehensive suite of tools that provide management of student data, educator evaluation, professional development for educators, and access to learning resources aligned with the North Carolina Standard Course of Study.

Home Base provides...

orange check markEquitable Access 

Home Base applications provide access to high-quality content and give parents and students real-time access to grades, assignments, and attendance data. Students engage more directly with teachers and develop greater personal accountability for learning.

blue check markPersonalized Learning

The Home Base applications offer teachers thousands of items for planning and modifying instruction, including units and lessons that can be customized based on students' individual needs.

yellow check markProfessional Growth 

School leaders routinely use tools available through Home Base to implement the North Carolina educator evaluation process. Every educator can access online resources for professional development, including instructor-led courses, self-paced modules, and mini-modules.

green check markCollaborative Engagement

Home Base applications facilitate daily interactions among families, students, teachers, and administrators. Students work together using collaboration tools such as group documents and workspaces. Teachers share feedback directly with family members through the parent portal. Administrators and teachers work together using online professional learning communities.

Home Base includes seven key components:  SchoolnetPowerSchoolNCEESCanvas, Imagine MathLearning.com, and GoOpenNC.  More in-depth information about these resources is located on this site.

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