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Video Helps Users Navigate New Curriculum Webpages
The Division of Academic Standards is moving content area Google Sites to NCDPI website. Review the instructional video to learn how to navigate the Division’s new webpages to find the resources you need.

Hot off the Press! CIHS Design and Implementation Guide
The Cooperative Innovative High Schools (CIHS) Design and Implementation Guide, with promising practices and related research, supports CIHS programs across the state. These practices show the sustained innovation across the CIHS community and are great examples of the CIHS Design Elements in action.

Proposed Extended Content Standards for Social Studies
The Exceptional Children Division has opened a second public comment period for the draft of the Extended Content Standards for Social Studies for students with significant cognitive disabilities. The public comment period is open through Dec. 7. Please submit all questions and comments to ecspubliccomments@dpi.nc.gov.

Districts Visits and Voices Team Visits Southwest Region
NCDPI’s District Visits and Voices team visits Kannapolis City Schools and Gaston County Schools to learn about each district’s programs to grow teachers as leaders as well as innovative opportunities to recruit and retain educators.