Discipline, ALP and Dropout Data

State statutes 115C-12(21) and (27) require that North Carolina schools report annual numbers of:

  • Acts of crime and violence
  • Suspensions and expulsions
  • Enrollments in alternative learning programs

Discipline Collection Process

The Discipline (Incident) data and Alternative Learning Program (ALP) Roster data must be submitted to DPI per state statute. Most schools enter incident data directly into the PowerSchool Incidents module. Schools using 3rd party Software are required to produce incident data in the same file format specified for PowerSchool and transfer the data into the PowerSchool system.

Discipline data is due each year on June 30. Charter schools and LEAs not providing discipline data in a timely manner may face sanctions.

The Discipline Data Reporting Procedures contain requirements for submitting discipline data, suggestions for finding and correcting errors, and an overview of the Incidents module in PowerSchool, including file specifications and numerical codes for data. The Appendix contains the definitions for the 16 reportable offenses.

Dropout Collection Process

LEAs and charter schools are responsible for compiling a list of dropouts for each school and transmitting dropout files to DPI on a designated date each year. The Dropout Procedures Manual has a timeline for the tasks required to submit and approve dropout data. Charter schools and LEAs not adhering to the due dates on the timeline may face sanctions.

Schools and LEAs are responsible for maintaining the expertise to accomplish this task from year to year.  A complete description of the technical steps required to submit dropouts may be found on the PowerSchool website.