Opt In to Home Base

Districts and charter schools can opt-in and take advantage of the full suite of Home Base applications and its many new features for the 2022-23 school year starting May 16, 2022!  The cost to districts and charters will remain the same as last year - $1/Allotted ADM.  The deadline for opting in is June 15, 2022.

This year, PSUs will have an additional product called Transcend made available to them for opting into.  Transcend can only be selected as an option if the PSU opts into Home Base.  The regular fee for opting into Home Base will remain $1 per allotted ADM.  If a PSU elects to opt into Transcend, there will be an additional $4 per allotted ADM for grades 3 - 8 added to the fee.  Finance officers and charter directors/principals may want to speak with their PSU’s Schoolnet leads prior to making the Home Base Opt-in selections to verify if Transcend is an additional product they would like to include.

An introduction and overview of Transcend may be viewed at the following link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=m-mwWc2_rys.

Districts can acquire Canvas for an additional cost based on a state negotiated contract.  For cost details, please see FAQ #8 below. To obtain Canvas, please contact Christina Clayton.

Additional tools, Learning.com and Imagine Math, have been added to the Home Base suite.  Check out what these tools can do for your schools by clicking on their links. For additional information, please see the FAQs below.

Below are resources that accommodated the 2021 opt-in process.  New documents to accommodate the 2022-2023 Home Base Opt-in Process will be posted once the process begins.  If you have questions about the Home Base Opt-in process, please contact the Home Base Team at home_base@dpi.nc.gov.

2022-2023 Home Base Opt-in Resources

Home Base Pricing Memo

Opt-in Decision Tool  

Home Base Opt-in Status



Frequently Asked Questions

Tab/Accordion Item

The cost to PSUs will remain the same as last year - $1/ADM which gives you access to Schoolnet and NCEES' Local PD.

NCEES Unified Talent Perform Enterprise and Professional Learning

  • Effective educator evaluation instruments and professional development plans in the Perform Enterprise component of NCEES available to PSUs include:
    • Rubrics based on NC teacher and administrator standards 
    • Observations that inform teacher/staff growth
    • End of year evaluation ratings
    • Free access to NCDPI self-paced Canvas and Moodle modules aligned to staff standards & elements, and focus areas
    • Staff dashboards to track CEUs earned through DPI and local PD course modules, and varied PD learning opportunities
    • Transfer Credit Manager – manages approvals for CEUs earned outside of the district to show on staff transcripts
  • PSUs are given access to NCEES Professional Learning PD office component for $1/ADM (this fee also includes access to Schoolnet). The PD office provides the ability to:
    • Create and manage local professional learning opportunities and track CEUs

    • Share local PD/CEU opportunities with other PSUs for regional or shared events


  • New features for 2021-22 include:

    • A streamlined Test Details screen, allowing easier access to work with and schedule assessments.
    • Opt-in for Transcend customizable adaptive benchmarks — free pilot for up to two LEAs and one charter. (Email john.mairs@dpi.nc.gov if interested in Transcend.)
  • Hundreds of thousands of standards-aligned assessment questions organized into item banks, including formative assessment items for many Career and Technical Education Courses.
  • The ability to create local assessment questions and organize into local item banks.
  • Assessment features such as text to speech, multiple standards alignments, and Gap Match technology-enhanced items.
  • Educator collaboration features that allow educators to work together to create assessments and curate item banks.
  • Over one hundred pre-made, standards-aligned assessments based on NCDPI Accountability released materials and Certica Solutions items.
  • Robust reporting features, including benchmark reporting dashboard, standard performance reports, and a teacher dashboard with one-click access to pre-formatted reports.

PSUs are given access to Schoolnet for the same low price as last year - $1/ADM (this fee also includes access to NCEES Unified Talent).

 Canvas (available with state-negotiated convenience pricing) 

  • Robust learning management system with LTI connections available for many popular learning tools such as Flipgrid, Khan Academy, Nearpod, and Quizlet

  • Supports personalized digital learning with mastery paths to quickly customize learner experiences based on content mastery 

  • Access to more than 55 fully developed courses on the NC Canvas Commons including NCVPS and DLC’s for Teachers content 

  • Districts and charter schools can acquire Canvas for an additional cost per user through the state-negotiated convenience contract

Learning.com (available with state negotiated convenience pricing) 

  • The EasyCode Content area has 6 areas: 

  • Computational Thinking
  • Block-based Coding
  • Coffeescript
  • Python
  •                         Python 1:  variables, text, user input loops basic conditionals,

                            sequencing, and dot notation.

                            Python 2:  functions, indexes, events data types, event handlers,

                            variable scope, program design and game mechanics.

    Python 3: Booleans, nested conditionals, nested loops, lists,

                            dictionaries, error, and exception handling, importing modules and

                            writing to files.

  • Virtual Robotics
  • Intro to Game Design - Mini-courses apply basics from coding challenges to develop games in mini-courses. Allows students to create their own games to share with classmates, family, and friends.
  • New Reports - District Activity Report, Student and Class Level Reporting, School and District Level Reporting

    Co-Teacher capabilities allowing multiple educators to monitor student progress

    Offers FREE 2-week trials for the following content areas:



    Cyber Robotics

    Computational Thinking


    Spreadsheets & Databases

    Computer Fundamentals

    Internet Usage & Communications

    Visual Mapping

    Digital Citizenship


    Word Processing


    Together with their correlation provider, monitors the changes to domestic and international educational standards to ensure they have the most up-to-date standard sets. The following data aligns with North Carolina's state-level standard course of study.

    **Library Media

    **Technology Education and Computer Science

    *Language Arts



    *Social Studies

  • Pricing: $7.50 per user or $3,200 per building license (whichever is most cost effective)

Imagine Math (available with state negotiated convenience pricing) 

  • Rigorous, standards-aligned digital supplemental math program that personalizes learning or each student

  • Availability of certified, bilingual math teachers for fostering optimal learning conditions while ensuring that students get the help they need, including evenings and weekends  

  • Assessments aligned to the Quantile Framework provide educators with a reliable measure of student readiness to learn specific concepts 

  • Reporting functionality allows educators to make data-driven insights to drive instruction 

  • Pricing: $8,450 per site license with Premier Plus Support or $32.50 per user (whichever is most cost effective) 


    #GoOpenNC Open Educational Resources and Collaborative Space (included at no additional cost) 

  • #GoOpenNC is a collaborative space for K-12 educators across the state to find standards-aligned educational resources and share open education resources  
  • Open author tool supports educators in creating openly licensed educational resources (lesson plans, curricular units, activities, textbooks, and full courses) that meet accessibility guidelines and are aligned to North Carolina Standard Course of Study standards 
  • Custom groups allow educators to organize and collaborate on resources for specific education topics by grade level, subject area, or location (School or LEA specific groups)
  • Content hubs allow educators to easily find collections of resources specific to their needs, including Global Education, STEM, Project Based Learning, Tools 4 NC Teachers, and School Library Media 


  PowerSchool (included at no additional cost) 

  • Standard object report enhancements, consecutive absence alert, summer school enrollments and mass enroll capabilities for summer school, end of summer school process, a state reporting help feature, and enterprise reporting enhancements  
  • PowerTeacher Pro (Gradebook) with a cleaner interface and features like: 
    • no more Java dependencies 
    • mobile-responsive design 
    • ability to import scores 
    • fully integrated standards-based grading 
    • built-in progress reporting 
    • professional judgment indicator that helps teachers understand which grades to focus on to determine if the final grade accurately reflects the student’s level of understanding
    •  ability to copy over assignments from PT Gradebook
    •  Section Readiness Report

 All price quotes are good for the 2021-22 school year.  Prices are based on state appropriated funding and are subject to change in subsequent years.


Only district finance officers and charter school principals should request access through the online opt-in tool for their district/school.  Access is requested through the Home Base Opt-in tool using your NCID credentials.

All responses must be submitted by June 15, 2021.

The running list of districts and charters that have signed up can be accessed by clicking on the button above. This list will be updated regularly during the sign-up period (ending June 15).

Once you have signed up, an invoice will be automatically generated and emailed to the finance officer for districts and principals for charters. Checks should be made payable to the North Carolina Department of Public Instruction TIN# 561492826 .  Please add “Home Base 2021-2022” in the memo line and mail the invoice and check to: 
NC Department of Public Instruction 
Cash Management and Collections 
6336 Mail Service Center 
Raleigh, NC 27699-6336

Payment is due August 31, 2021, or two weeks after receiving initial allotments (whichever is later). Payments do not need to be made prior to the start of next fiscal year (July 1, 2021).

Please contact Kevin Killeen for convenience contract pricing. 

New features for 21-22 include: 

  • New K-5 dashboard to support elementary learners 
  • Deeper integration with Microsoft including free access to Immersive Reader and Teams
  • State negotiated volume pricing to our video engagement and analytics tool - Canvas Studio

 The Canvas renewal process will continue to provide an easy and smooth process to purchase products and services. Here is a summary of how this amendment impacts your Canvas Contract:

  • The amendment extends to June 30, 2023. Whenever your current contract ends, it will renew with an end date of June 30, 2023. 
  • The cost of Canvas LMS + 24x7 Support Bundle is increasing 5%. This means if you were paying  $3.74, you’ll now pay $3.93, and if you are paying $3.92, you’ll now pay $4.12 (Previous price was dependent on when you opted into the Canvas State Contract Pricing).
  • If you are just starting with a new Canvas contract, you’ll pay $4.12 (Minimum license amount of $3,500) and an implementation fee of $5,500.
  • Tier 1 Support (24x7 access to support for all teachers and administrators) remains $1 per user. Tier 1 Support new users can be added with an additional $500 setup fee.
  • Canvas Studio can now be added to your Canvas contract at $1 per user (Minimum license amount of $1,500), $1,500 implementation fee for new Studio users.

The contract for content uses the allotted ADM figure (not the projected ADM) as a basis for its costs since it is a stable number known well in advance. Your cost for the next school year will still be the allotted ADM figure even if there are more or fewer actual users of the system.

You are paying NCVPS to have a course with a teacher to work with the student and modify the learning based on student needs. The courses that NCVPS shares for free contain all the digital content to develop a local version of the course with a district teacher. Most schools that use the free NCVPS shared courses do so to create blended learning opportunities for students to supplement the traditional face-to-face classroom.