Schoolnet logoSchoolnet is an application provided by Pearson that allows educators to build lesson plans, create instructional materials and supplement their teaching with digital resources. This tool gives teachers the ability to create and modify assessments as well as receive results in real-time with relevant data for reporting purposes. The assessment and reporting tools are complemented by a fully-integrated materials bank for searching, storing, and editing lesson plans and curricular material. It can also support district-wide curriculum management with tools for creating and scheduling curriculum and district-wide pacing guides.

Schoolnet enhances the facilitation experience with tools such as:

  • Lesson planner
  • Student workspaces
  • Demographic and academic data comparisons
  • Assessment customization
  • Analytic data reporting


It also supports personalized learning by utilizing its resource bank to house materials that are appropriately aligned with individualized learning and student career paths.  New features for the 2020-2021 school year includes streamlined assessment creation and scheduling dashboard, including easy access to share assessments and locally created question banks.

LEAs and charter schools are given access to Schoolnet by opting into Home Base for the low price of $1/ADM (this fee also includes access to NCEES).  For more information on how to opt into Schoolnet, visit our Home Base Opt-in page.

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