Opt In to Home Base

home base users in circleDistricts and charter schools can opt-in and take advantage of the full suite of Home Base applications and its many new features for the 2019-20 school year starting April 15, 2019!

The cost to districts and charters will remain the same as last year - $1/Allotted ADM.  Deadline for opting in is June 15, 2019.

Opt-in Decision Tool 

Districts can acquire Canvas for an additional cost of $3.74 per user through the state negotiated convenience contract. To obtain Canvas, please contact Katie Morgan at (801) 658-7500. 

Additional tools, Learning.com and Imagine Math, have been added to the Home Base suite.  Check out what these tools can do for your schools by clicking on their links. For additional information please see the FAQs below.

Frequently Asked Questions

1.  Q: What is the rate to access the full suite of Home Base tools?

  • The cost to LEAs will remain the same as last year - $1/ADM which gives you access to Schoolnet and NCEES.

2.  Q: What resources are available for this price?

 NCEES Unified Talent 

  • Updated dashboards to track CEUs through local PD course modules and varied PD opportunities;  
  • Free access to NCDPI self-paced Canvas and Moodle modules aligned to staff standards and elements;
  • Effective educator evaluation instruments based on NC teacher standards and NC standards for administrators;
  • LEAs and charter schools are given access to NCEES Unified Talent for the same low price as last year - $1/ADM (this fee also includes access to Schoolnet).


  • New for 2019-20: Streamlined assessment creation and scheduling dashboard, including easy access to share assessments and locally created question banks;
  • Additional assessment features like Text to Speech, multiple standards alignment, and Gap Match technology-enhanced items;
  • Formative assessment items for many secondary Career and Technical Education courses;
  • More reporting features, including Benchmark Reporting Dashboard, Standard Performance Reports, and an updated teacher dashboard with one-click access to pre-formatted reports;  
  • LEAs and charter schools are given access to Schoolnet for the same low price as last year - $1/ADM (this fee also includes access to NCEES Unified Talent).

 Canvas (available with state-negotiated convenience pricing)

  • Robust learning management system with LTI connections available for many popular learning tools such as Flipgrid, Khan Academy, Nearpod, and Quizlet;
  • Supports personalized digital learning with mastery paths to quickly customize learner experiences based on content mastery;
  • Access to more than 55 fully developed courses on the NC Canvas Commons including NCVPS and DLC’s for Teachers content;
  • Districts and charter schools can acquire Canvas for an additional cost of $3.74 per user through the state-negotiated convenience contract. This rate will remain available only to districts and charters that renew their local contracts for at least three years prior to June 30.  All others will be subject to a cost of $3.92 per user in the future.

Learning.com (available with state negotiated convenience pricing)

  • EasyTech - a complete online digital literacy curriculum that provides an engaging way to teach essential digital literacy skills through interactive lessons, application exercises, discussions, and quizzes;
  • Inquiry - a supplemental curriculum that takes a project-based approach to integrating digital literacy into instruction with ready-to-go, technology-infused projects for all core subjects; 
  • Digital Literacy Assessment - assessments that provide real-time data to quickly determine students’ grasp of digital literacy concepts;
  • Training - workshops and a vast array of on-demand resources such as webinars, downloadable recordings, and online content designed to address schools' and districts' unique instructional goals;
  • Pricing: $7.50 per user or $3,200 per building license (whichever is most cost effective);
  • Funding is available to support the adoption and implementation within Tier 1 economically distressed counties.

Imagine Math (available with state negotiated convenience pricing)

  • Rigorous, standards-aligned digital supplemental math program that personalizes learning for each student;  
  • Availability of certified, bilingual math teachers for fostering optimal learning conditions while ensuring that students get the help they need, including evenings and weekends; 
  • Assessments aligned to the Quantile Framework provide educators with a reliable measure of student readiness to learn specific concepts;
  • Reporting functionality allows educators to make data-driven insights to drive instruction;
  • Pricing: $8,450 per site license with Premier Plus Support or $32.50 per user (whichever is most cost effective)

3.  Q: Where do I go to sign-up for the full suite of Home Base tools?

  • Only district finance officers and charter school principals should request access through the online opt-in tool for their district/school.  Access is requested through the Home Base Opt-in tool using your NCID credentials. 

4.  Q: What is the deadline for signing-up?

  • All responses to the web form (located above/when available) must be submitted by June 15, 2019.

5.  Q: How do I find out if my district or charter school has already signed-up?

  • The running list of districts and charters that have signed-up is located here. This list will be updated regularly during the sign-up period (ending June 15).

6.  Q: How do I pay for access?

  • Once you have signed-up, an invoice will be automatically generated and emailed to the finance officer for districts and principals for charters. Make checks payable to the North Carolina Department of Public Instruction TIN# 561492826 and put “Home Base 2019-20” in the memo line. Please mail the invoice and check to: 
    NC Department of Public Instruction 
    Cash Management and Collections 
    6336 Mail Service Center 
    Raleigh, NC 27699-6336

7.  Q: When is my payment due?

  • Payment is due August 30, 2019 or two weeks after receiving initial allotments (whichever is later). Payments do not need to be made prior to the start of next fiscal year (July 1, 2019).

8.  Q: How do I sign up for Canvas to get the convenience contract pricing?

  • Please contact Katie Morgan, K-12 Regional Director at Instructure. Her contact information is kmorgan@instructure.com  /801-658-7500.

 9.  Q: Why am I being invoiced for an amount different than my projected ADM?

  • The contract for content uses the allotted ADM figure (instead of projected ADM) as a basis for its costs since it is a stable number known well in advance. Your cost for the next school year will still be the allotted ADM figure even if there are more or fewer actual users of the system.

10.  Q: If I am being given access to courses in NCVPS through Canvas, what am I paying NCVPS for?

  • You are paying NCVPS to have a course with a teacher to work with the student and modify the learning based on student needs. The courses that NCVPS shares for free contain all the digital content to develop a local version of the course with a district teacher. Most schools that use the free NCVPS shared courses do so to create blended learning opportunities for students to supplement the traditional face-to-face classroom.

11.  Q: How much is Schoolnet used?

  • Schoolnet has been embraced as a tool for creating millions of assessments that are shared across the state. Below is the current usage statistics for assessments in Schoolnet from July 2018 - March 2019.

    Schoolnet analytics






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