Home Base Advisory

This page was created to bring awareness, express the purpose, and define the scope of the Home Base Advisory Group to all stakeholders of the Home Base suite of applications.  Regularly scheduled meeting dates and the identity of advisory members representing the Home Base user group are provided below.

Purpose, Scope and Governance

Tab/Accordion Items

The purpose of the Home Base Advisory is broken down into the following 4 pillars:

  1. Coordinate critical information on the effectiveness of the Home Base system.
  2. Make strategic decisions for the overall improvement of Home Base.
  3. Ensure alignment of Home Base services with strategies and priorities identified by the State Board of Education.
  4. Optimize the design, delivery, operation, and sourcing of Home Base services.

The scope of the Home Base Advisory is to advise about all of the products within the Home Base system.  The Home Base suite consists of the following applications:

PowerSchool - PowerSchool is the official student information system used statewide by the public and charter schools of North Carolina for storing and managing student data.

Schoolnet - An application provided by Pearson that allows educators to build lesson plans, create instructional materials and supplement their teaching with digital resources.

NCEES - NCEES is the official Home Base application used by public and charter schools of North Carolina for storing and managing educator effectiveness.

Canvas - A learning management system that provides a platform to connect different digital tools in one location.

Learning.com -  A system designed to improve digital literacy across the state and encourage student growth in computational thinking, digital citizenship and online safety, visual mapping, databases and computer fundamentals.

Imagine Math - This product is designed to assist students, educators, and parents with math in grades 3-8, NC Math 1, and NC Math 2.

#GoOpenNC - #GoOpenNC is North Carolina's Open Education Resources Platform.

Membership and Term Limits: 

Membership in the Home Base Advisory Board will be based on the Home Base products offered. The Advisory Board will also have representation from all size districts. There will be 24 PSU Members and various DPI Members not to exceed 40 persons.  

Current Members: 23

Desired Members: 24 Members

  • PowerSchool- 5 
  • Schoolnet- 4 
  • Canvas - 4
  • NCEES - 5
  • Learning.com - 2
  • Imagine Math - 2

Members will be tracked by district size and primary software used. 

Each Member will serve a 3-year term on the board and roll off in the third year. A third of the board should be new members every year. If a member needs to leave the board before their term is up, he/she would need to contact the Home Base Manager so a replacement advisory member can be found. An advisory board member can request to be placed back on the board once their three-year term has been completed. 

Home Base Advisory Chair and Co-Chair: 

The Home Base Advisory will elect a Home Base Advisory Chair and Co-chair. The Chair and Co-Chair will be nominated by the advisory board PSU members and cannot be a Department of Public Instruction employee. 

The Chair and Co-Chair will: 

Help create agendas 

Give overall Board updates at each meeting 

Be the PSU voice of the advisory board 

Communicate with DPI Home Base Manager frequently

Assist with the subcommittees

Attend the meetings in Person


Attendance at this advisory board is very important. An Advisor's voice cannot be heard if they are not in attendance. It is expected that advisors would come to DPI for the meetings. However, if you cannot leave your district, you can join a webinar to attend.  Attendance will be taken at every meeting. The attendance will include the Date of Meeting, Name, District, Title, Primary Product, Secondary Products. If an advisory board member cannot be in attendance, they will need to contact the Home Base Manager and Home Base Communications in advance. To maintain membership on the board, a person must be in attendance for 3 out of 4 meetings per school year. An advisory board member will be notified at the end of the year if they are going to be removed for the following year based on attendance. 


  • Determine the appropriate introduction and sunsetting of Home Base services based on data, value, and costs.
  • Optimize the design, delivery, operation, and sourcing of services, including determining the appropriate definition for Home Base end-user services and determining the appropriate services for NC Educators.
  • Using the Home Base Roadmap to guide continuous reviews of the Home Base applications, provide recommendations for adding, changing, and removing services, and make any associated recommended changes in investment levels.
  • Review major Home Base services (EE, IIS, SIS) and make recommendations to the Chief Academic & Digital Learning Officer, Deputy State Superintendent, CIO, and CFO for service life-cycle improvements, including changes and enhancements to service design, delivery, and operations that will improve the value of the service to NC Educators.
  • Provide recommendations for IT service management process improvement efforts.
  • Develop consistent reporting documents about operational issues related to Home Base applications and escalate issues as appropriate.


Sub-Committees will be developed based on the purpose of the Advisory Board. These Sub Committees will ensure the task is done and will give updates to the larger board during the Home Base Advisory Meetings. 

Meeting Agendas: 


  1. Updates from the Home Base Manager 
  2. Project Manager updates 
    1. Current status 
    2. Upcoming features with discussion
    3. Training Topics Discussion
    4. Networking/Questions
    5. Wrap up
  3. Vendor Presentations (If any will be placed in the appropriate place)

If meetings are virtual they will be from 10-2:30.  If they are at DPI, The meetings will be from 10-3:30 with a break for Lunch.

July 26, 2023

April 26, 2023

October 26, 2022 / Agenda

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