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Changes Ahead!

On November 2, the North Carolina State Board of Education (SBE) voted to award a new contract to Infinite Campus to modernize the state’s Student Information System (SIS) in compliance with North Carolina state law. We are excited to begin the process of implementing the new system over the next two school years. We are eager to take full advantage of the new system and its supplemental offerings.

An evaluation committee, consisting of educators, DPI staff, and district administrators, worked determinedly to choose a provider whose system can be implemented efficiently while addressing the areas in need of modernization, based on the comprehensive 2019 SIS user survey. Infinite Campus proved to be the clear choice as the provider best equipped to support the state's needs.

As with any change, there will be questions and challenges. Rest assured; we are committed to frequent communication and many of you will be involved in the implementation stage of this project.

We will share additional details throughout the implementation process on this site.

NCSIS is powered by Infinite Campus


Modules Included with the NCSIS Contract

  • Infinite Campus SIS: A robust and powerful SIS. Tools and modules are carefully crafted with all stakeholders in mind: staff, teachers, parents and students.
  • Campus Online Payments: Reliable and secure payment processing for fees, activities, school store, and more.
  • Campus Online Registration: Eliminate paper packets and bring your new and existing student registration online.
  • Campus Messenger with Voice: Simplify communication to staff, students and parents via call, text or email.
  • Campus Workflow Suite: Tool improves attendance accuracy and efficiency by letting school staff know when and where students are in the building.
  • Campus Analytics Suite: Identify students at risk of not persisting to graduation. Includes surveys with translation support and embedded reporting.
  • Campus Data Suite: Validate data integrity, navigate ever-changing FERPA regulations, and audit data changes and data access to protect student information.
  • Campus Report Translation Module: Support multiple languages when building report cards around grading tasks, standards, and courses.
  • Campus Passport: Training subscription that features role-specific, on-demand learning.
  • Yearly Event Series (YES): Numerous specifically timed and function-focused training events throughout the year for PSU staff.
  • Campus Learning Suite: LMS that connects teachers to new, powerful tools for digital learning.