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NCSIS Professional Learning


SIS Admin Training “Mastering Campus”

Free 5 day SIS Admin Training. Registration is now closed - use link to make changes to already submitted registration.   

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                *Lunch will be provided and hotel accommodations provided by NCDPI.

Please note: You are limited to one SIS admin per PSU at this time.  Please note we will provide additional opportunities throughout the coming months. This training will be for your main point of contact for the SIS who works in the SIS daily. If you need to make changes to your registration, please use the forms above to make those changes as well.  You will automatically receive a confirmation email once you have completed the form. 


NCSIS Data Manager Regional Roadshow

We are excited to announce locations for a one-day NCSIS Data Manager Regional

Roadshow training sessions. These sessions will be offered across our state to train our data managers on NCSIS powered by Infinite Campus with a crosswalk experience for PSUs.  Please see the session information and link to register below:

  • April 15th  | 9:30 am - 3:30 pm  | Martin County Schools
  • April 19th  | 9:30 am - 3:30 pm  | Harnett County Schools
  • April 22nd | 9:30 am - 3:30 pm  | Burke County Schools
  • April 26th  | 9:30 am - 3:30 pm  | Rowan County Schools

Registration is now closed.


NCBOLD NCSIS Training for New Data Managers, Administrators, & Directors

We will offer “New Data Manager Training” for Infinite Campus and PowerSchool users as well as sessions for Administrators and Directors. The sessions will cover General Navigation, Admission/Withdrawal, Attendance, Grading, Crosswalk with new SIS and State Reporting processes.  We will have recommended tracks for participants to follow.  We are solidifying locations for the summer now.

  • Week 1: July 15th- 18th (West)
  • Week 2: July 22nd-25th (East)

Registration is coming in late April/early May. 


NCBOLD Infinite Campus Gradebook Training for Teachers by Teachers

We will offer “Infinite Campus Gradebook Training” for teachers. These sessions will be led by teachers and will cover gradebook setup, assignments and scoring, quizzes, progress monitoring, engagement check-ins, as well as the Learning Management System.

  • Week 1: July 15th- 18th (West)
  • Week 2: July 22nd-25th (East)

Registration is coming in late April/early May.  


Campus Community

Infinite Campus Community allows for on-demand training 24/7. 

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