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NCSIS FAQ & Timeline


Changes Ahead!

On November 2, the North Carolina State Board of Education (SBE) voted to award a new contract to Infinite Campus to modernize the state’s Student Information System (SIS) in compliance with North Carolina state law. We are excited to begin the process of implementing the new system over the next two school years. We are eager to take full advantage of the new system and its supplemental offerings.

An evaluation committee, consisting of educators, DPI staff, and district administrators, worked determinedly to choose a provider whose system can be implemented efficiently while addressing the areas in need of modernization, based on the comprehensive 2019 SIS user survey. Infinite Campus proved to be the clear choice as the provider best equipped to support the state's needs.

As with any change, there will be questions and challenges. Rest assured; we are committed to frequent communication and many of you will be involved in the implementation stage of this project.

We will share additional details throughout the implementation process on this site.





Tab/Accordion Items

There will be two phases to the NCSIS implementation. Phase 1 will consist of 20 PSUs going live for the 2024-2025 school year. The PSU will determine the go-live date in collaboration with NCDPI. All remaining PSUs will go live on July 1, 2025.

PSUs will receive training based on their implementation dates. Detailed information will be provided during the discovery phase with the PSUs. The training will be role-based. There will be separate training sessions for SIS coordinators, administrators and teachers.

The following products are included in the state-provided SIS:

  • Campus Online Registration Prime - Allows for online registration ensuring the integrity of household data within Infinite Campus. Registration Prime includes e-signature and the ability to personalize by school.
  • Campus Data Suite - Allows PSUs to define and perform validation checks within Infinite Campus and audit data changes and data access within the system.
  • Campus Analytic Suite - Early warning tool that uses machine learning technology to predict student graduation outcomes and grade-level promotion.
  • Campus Learning Suite - Allows PSUs to connect the Infinite Campus Grade Book to Canvas, Google Classroom and other LMS platforms with the OneRoster 1.2 specification. Schools can take advantage of the built-in LMS functionality for stand-alone LMS.
  • Campus Passport – The OnDemand learning tool will be available to PSUs for '24-25 and '25-26.
  • Campus Workflow Suite - Provides barcode scanning, events and actions tools. Adds barcode scanning to attendance workflows or those with a technical team to automate manual workflows within Infinite Campus.
  • Campus Messenger with Voice - Offers a messenger platform and leverages household contact information already stored within Infinite Campus.
  • Campus Online Payments - Allows PSUs to take online payments. There are no ongoing license or support fees – only transaction fees that are offset by PSU-defined convenience fees. This will allow families to make payments towards school fees and purchase items through PSU and school stores.
  • Each PSU will receive a production, sandbox and staging site.

Training will be delivered through multiple avenues. PSUs will have access to 24/7 on-demand training through Campus Passport and access to the Campus Community. The Campus Community gives access to the Infinite Campus knowledge base. Training will be delivered to PSUs through a hybrid model based on role. We are also developing a SIS Professional Learning Team at NCDPI to support each region.

While working with PSUs on implementation, PSUs will be provided a trial site where users can test and upload data. The trial site will be active until a production site is created and supplied. The trial site is a pre-production site designed to provide a preview of data that has been migrated into the Infinite Campus SIS and helps the customer implementation team identify items that may require cleansing in the legacy system. Sandbox and staging sites will be stood up when the PSU production site is ready.

If you have questions about the NCSIS please email ncsis@dpi.nc.gov.

Updates will be posted to this website on a regular basis to keep the field informed. This will be the main hub for all communication.