PowerSchool Reporting Templates

This page contains PowerSchool report templates (PST files), Report Works files (RWP files) and files for Autosend (TXT files).  It also contains instructions on how to import these templates into PowerSchool and instructions for importing form letters and mailing labels. DDE instructions accompany each DDE report. 

Reporting Templates

Tab/Accordion Items

Title Documents
Instructions for AutoSend PDF
AutoSend - Alert Now Student Contact TXT
AutoSend - Alert Now Teacher TXT
AutoSend - School Messenger TXT
AutoSend - School Messenger Teacher Contact TXT
Connect Ed Extract TXT
Connect Ed Student with Unexcused Absences TXT


Title Documents
Instructions for DDE - Current Year School Course Details PDF
Instructions for DDE - School Name School Number PDF
Instructions for DDE - Study Wiz School Extract PDF
Instructions for DDE - VCASEL Location Information PDF


Title Documents
Instructions for Importing From Letters and Mailing Labels PDF
Cumulative Credits and Current PST
Cumulative Labels PST
Mailing Label Data PST
Student Mailing Address List PST


Title Documents
Daily Attendance Summary PST
Fee Transaction Invoice PST
Invoice Fees PST
Transcript Label PST


Title Documents
Instructions for Importing ReportWorks Templates PDF
Admission Status Report RWP
Birthday List RWP
Class Lists by Period RWP
Class Rank of 12th Graders by Race and Gender RWP
Current and Withdrawn Students RWP
Current Year Marks RWP
Current Year Student Grades RWP
Entry Withdrawal Activity RWP
ISS - In-School Suspension LettersHistorical Courses by Student RWP
Immunization Detail List RWP
Immunization Waivers RWP
Incident Victims RWP
Incidents with No Members Involved RWP
ISS - In-School Suspension Letters RWP
OSS - Long Term Suspension Letters RWP
OSS - Short Term Suspension Letters RWP
Parent E-mail Addresses RWP
Student Discipline Info RWP
Total Enrolled Registered Summary RWP


Title Documents
Instructions for Importing Templates for Exports PDF
4GL Enrolled PST
4GL Withdrawn PST
9th Grade Corhort Tracking PST
Active Directory PST
Alert Now Student Contact PST
Alert Now Teacher Contact PST
AR Extract PST
Benchmark Report PST
Benchmark Report for LEA with Teacher Email PST
BrightArrow Daily Tardy Report PST
Career Development Option 1 Course List PST
Career Development Option 1 Student Demographics PST
Career Development Option 2 Student Demographics PST
Child Nutrition Report PST
Classworks Student File PST
Communicator Extract PST
ConnectED Extract PST
ConnectED Students with Unexcused Absences PST
Course Descriptions PST
CSI Extract School of the Future Student Courses PST
CSI Extract School of the Future Student Demographics PST
Cumulative Student Daily Attendance PST
Current Year Student Grades PST
Destiny PST
Destiny All Staff PST
Destiny Class List PST
Destiny Extract - Teacher List PST
Extract Oral Health Data PST
Family Alerts by School PST
Gaggle Extract PST
Goldstar - Grade 6 - 12 Schedules PST
Goldstar - Grade K - 5 Schedules PST
Goldstar - Student Demographics PST
Historical Marks PST
Historical Student Absences PST
Homeroom Teacher Report PST
LEA Student Course Count PST
MAP Testing Class Roster PST
Military Connected Students PST
Non-School Days PST
Perfect Attendance PST
Pinpoint Extract Student File PST
Pinpoint Extract Student Schedule PST
Pinpoint Extract TeacherPST PST
Progress Report Email PST
Renaissance Place Class PST
Renaissance Place Class Roster PST
Renaissance Place Class Staff PST
Renaissance Place Course PST
Renaissance Place Personnel PST
Renaissance Place Student PST
School Fusion Group Import PST
School Fusion Membership PST
School Fusion Student User Import PST
School Fusion Teacher User Import PST
Student Class Schedules PST
Student Demographic (Fixed Length) PST
Student GPA Info by Grade Level PST
Student Language Data PST
Student Transportation Memo Data PST
Students (grades 11, 12, 13) who have NOT opted out of Releasing Information to Military Recruiters PST
Students (grades 11, 12, 13) who have opted OUT of Releasing Information to Military Recruiters PST
Study Wiz Class Extract PST
Study Wiz Class Student Extract PST
Study Wiz Class Teacher Extract PST
Study Wiz School Class Extract PST
Study Wiz Student Extract PST
Study Wiz Teacher Extract PST
Teacher SSN PST
Tetra Class Info PST
Tetra Course Info PST
Tetra Parent PST
Tetra Schedule Info PST
Tetra Staff PST
Tetra Student PST
Tetra File - Course Grade Info PST
Tetra File - Special Ed Student Info PST
Tetra File - Student 504 Info PST
Tetra File - Student Gifted PST
Tetra File - Student Home Language Info PST
Tetra File - Student Homeless Info PST
Tetra File - Student LEP Info PST
Tetra File - Student Mobility Info PST
ThinkGate Administrator Import File PST
ThinkGate Roster Import File PST
ThinkGate School PST
TipWeb Student Schedules PST
TipWeb District Course Listing PST
TipWeb Student Demographics PST
TipWeb Teacher Demographics PST
TipWeb Teacher Schedules PST
Total High School Credits Earned PST
VCASEL Employee Assignment PST
VCASEL Employee Personal PST
VCASEL School Courses PST
VCASEL Student Personal PST
VCASEL Student School Enrollment PST
VCASEL Student Section Enrollment PST
VCASEL Section Information PST