Financial and Business Services

The Division of School Business manages approximately $11 billion in state and federal funds and provides various technical support services to School Districts/Local Education Agencies (LEAs), Independent Public Schools (IPS - charters, lab schools, regional schools, and the Innovative School District), their employees, and other public school stakeholders.

What's New

Summary of 2020-21 Legislation - July 2, 2020

Closing Procedures for Fiscal Year 2019-20 for LEAs and for Charter Schools, Lab Schools, and the Innovative School District


Funds Summary as of May 5, 2020

Schedule of COVID Funds as of June 12, 2020

State COVID Appropriations and Provisions

Federal CARES Act

Funding and Allocations

PRC154 COVID-19 Supplemental Funds - State

Emergency Leave



LEA Budget Planning for 2020-21 Updated April 20, 2020

Contact Information

Division of School Business

Division of School Business

Chief School Business Officer: Alexis Schauss
School Allotments: Lydia Prude, Section Chief
School Reporting: Gwendolyn Tucker, Section Chief
Monitoring and Compliance: John Keefer, Interim Section Chief

The Division of School Business manages state and federal funds that are allotted to LEAs and IPSs. We collect, compile and analyze public school financial, student and personnel data. We provide support to LEA and ISP financial offices and monitor compliance with state and federal laws.

Who We Are - School Business Updated September 11, 2018

School Business Organization Chart Updated December 10, 2019

Phone Number: 984-236-2440

Mailing Address:
Division of School Business
Department of Public Instruction
6336 Mail Service Center
Raleigh, NC 27699-6336

LEAs and Schools

LEAs and Schools

List of NC LEAs (school systems) including Independent Public Schools and other Educational Entities Updated September 6, 2019

LEA contact information, including Superintendents, Finance Officers, Personnel Administrators, & Principals can be found in EDDIE. Use the LEA Personnel Report (located under the Reports Menu) to obtain all LEAs, or use the Search or Selection boxes to navigate to an individual LEA or school. For help with LEA or school information and creating mailing labels or reports, please go to the EDDIE Information page.

Independent Public Schools (Charters, Laboratory, Regional, Innovative School District) contact information is in EDDIE. Charter schools can also be found on the Office of Charter Schools website: Charter School Contacts.

Fraud and Misuse of Funds