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School Business manages approximately $11 billion in state and federal funds and provides various technical support services to School Districts/Local Education Agencies (LEAs), Independent Public Schools (IPS - charters, lab schools, and regional schools), their employees, and other public school stakeholders.

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School Business Systems Information for New Finance Officers and Staff - Please follow this link to our Finance Office Guides heading to find our summary of key operating systems.

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Paid Parental Leave


Voluntary Shared Leave Reporting 2022-2023 - LEAs only (Excludes Independent Public School Operations: Charter Schools, Lab Schools, Regional Schools and the Innovative School District)

This survey is collected annually in response to General Statute 126-8.3(c) and is due September 20, 2023.  It must be submitted online - To assist with completing the online survey, a preview of the questions is available.
Note: Enter whole numbers only. Do not enter decimal points, symbols, or text.

If you have questions about the survey, please contact Amanda Cruz in the Division of School Business at 984-236-2448 or

Allotment Policy Manual Update August 2, 2023

Travel Subsistence Rate Revision Effective July 1, 2023

UERS Specifications and Required Implementation Date

ESSER II Voluntary Reversion Request Process - ALL PSUs

PSUs were notified by the Office of Learning and Recovery in early June of a request for any voluntary reversions of ESSER II funding. That request is time sensitive and was centered primarily on those funds that would need to be redistributed in July to be used for the specific purpose of summer instructional activities.  However, the form and process may be used for any of the ESSER II Programs that a PSU feels they cannot use effectively for the purpose directed and/or by September 30, 2023, when the grants end.

Click below for the form and process instructions:

The funding related to the summer programs is time sensitive if we hope to get the funds redistributed for effective use in July. The deadline for this initial request is JUNE 20, 2023. We welcome any other reversions as may be warranted and will continue to accept those thru August 18th. With your help we can ensure these funds are used effectively for the benefit of the students of North Carolina. Thank you for your consideration. The forms can be returned to, and questions directed to, Kristie Weber at

2023-24 Indirect Cost Rates for LEAs, Charter, Regional and Lab Schools

Closing Procedures for FY 2022-2023

LEA FO Webinar Presentation May 2023

Missed Days 2022-2023 Survey

Budget Comparison 2023-24

ESSER III (PRC 181) FY 2022 Learning Loss Expenditure Survey

Teacher Compensation Requirements for Read to Achieve Summer Reading Camps

Professional Certification for NC School Finance Officers - SBE Policy

Low Wealth Funding

2023 Highlights of the NC Public School Budget

COVID Funds - Expenditure and Allotments Data spreadsheet as of May 31, 2023, and the Allotment and Expenditure Data Visualization is through May 31, 2023.

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School Business Senior Director: Jennifer Bennett
School Allotments: Kristie Weber, Section Chief
School Reporting: Gwendolyn Tucker, Section Chief
Monitoring & Compliance: Shirley McFadden, Section Chief

School Business manages state and federal funds that are allotted to LEAs and IPSs. We collect, compile and analyze public school financial, student and personnel data. We provide support to LEA and ISP financial offices and monitor compliance with state and federal laws.

Who We Are - School Business  April 2021

Phone Number: 984-236-2440

Mailing Address:
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2023-2024 List of NC LEAs (school systems) including Independent Public Schools and other Educational Entities

LEA contact information, including Superintendents, Finance Officers, Personnel Administrators, & Principals can be found in EDDIE. Use the LEA Personnel Report (located under the Reports Menu) to obtain all LEAs, or use the Search or Selection boxes to navigate to an individual LEA or school. For help with LEA or school information and creating mailing labels or reports, please go to the EDDIE Information page.

Independent Public Schools (Charter, Laboratory, Regional) contact information is in EDDIE. Charter schools can also be found on the Office of Charter Schools website: Charter School Contacts.