School Business Systems Modernization

School Business Systems Modernization

What is SBSM?

School Business Systems Modernization (SBSM) is specified in Session Law 2016-94 SECTION 8.15 as follows:

SCHOOL BUSINESS SYSTEMS MODERNIZATION SECTION 8.15.(a) The State Board of Education shall collaborate with the Friday Institute for Educational Innovation at North Carolina State University (Friday Institute) to develop a plan to modernize the systems used by the Department of Public Instruction, Financial and Business Services Division, to manage and deliver funds and technical support services to local school administrative units and charter schools. This process shall include modernization of the Division's systems for student information management, financial and payroll information, human resources information, and capital and repairs and renovations planning information.

SBSM Components

  • LEA and charter school enterprise resource planning (ERP) platforms
  • State-level reporting (financial, HR, student information, etc.)
  • State-level licensure

Some specific goals of school business systems modernization (SBSM) include:

  1. Enable near real-time position visibility and control
  2. Provide data management and advanced analytics for decision support
  3. Replace discontinued and obsolete systems
  4. Simplify monitoring and compliance
  5. Eliminate unnecessary duplication
  6. Increase efficiency of operations

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SBSM Staff

Name/Email Title Section Phone#
Spano, Michael Program Director SBSM Program Management 984-236-2263
Parker, Quentin Deputy Program Director SBSM Program Management 984-236-2274
Arndt, Kit Applications Specialist Analyst II Data Transparency & LEA Modernization 984-236-2273
Cheruvu, Sam Applications Systems Analyst II Data Transparency & LEA Modernization 984-236-2271
Hinson, Wendy Technology Support Specialist Data Transparency & LEA Modernization 984-236-2268
LaMountain, Mary Project Manager Data Transparency & LEA Modernization 984-236-2265
Marshall, Eric Applications System Analyst I Data Transparency & LEA Modernization 984-236-2270
Phelps, George IT Business Systems Analyst II Data Transparency & LEA Modernization 984-236-2272
Townsend, Ron Project Manager Data Transparency & LEA Modernization 984-236-2266