Supporting Teacher Recruitment


The teacher shortage in NC is well publicized. School districts find it difficult to hire qualified candidates to educate our children. The number of enrollments in universities pursuing careers in education has been declining. The impact on our schools is children who are receiving a less than stellar education experience. This inability to educate students with qualified instructors results in a future workforce that cannot meet the needs of a modern economy.

The NCDPI School Business Systems Modernization (SBSM) initiative, originally led by Dr. Mike Spano and now being led by Director Barry Pace (, NC DPI worked with Best NC to define the current state of affairs and find ways to coordinate the many activities addressing teacher education and recruitment. The goals are to better understand teacher education and recruitment, more effectively provide these resources to aspiring educators and improve the ability of schools to find qualified candidates.

The result of this effort to provide a best in class way for North Carolina to provide top educators for our K12 schools is TeachNC.

To view jobs available on the Statewide Jobs Board in our NC PSUs.  You will find jobs all across North Carolina in both public and charter schools.