Enterprise Resource Planning

SummarySchool Business Systems Modernization

The computer based financial and human resource systems used by North Carolina’s school districts are old and in need of replacement. The systems use old technologies and are unable to answer stakeholder questions, including the General Assembly. In response to this need, the General Assembly passed legislation and provided funding to tackle this initiative.

The 2017 Legislation, S.L. 2017-57 Section 7.16, states the intention of the General Assembly to fund a multiphase, multiyear project. It directs NCDPI to implement the plan recommended by the NC State Board of Education and issue a Request for Proposal for a Software as a Service (SaaS) Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP). The General Assembly initially appropriated $29M for the program.

Each Local Education Agency will have the ability to select the systems that best fit its needs, if the software meets the reporting requirements, benchmark testing and information exchange protocols as defined by NCDPI in this RFP. The solutions offered will receive the complete support and backing of NCDPI to ensure proper integration with existing and future strategic information systems.

For project status and realted information, please visit the LEA ERP Modernziation site.