Completed Projects

Below is a listing of the projects completed under the School Business Systems Modernization program.

Tab/Accordion Items

This mobile platform provides a solution to students, faculty, and parents to report anonymous and confidential tips that can allow for proactive interventions by school personnel and law enforcement (for specified incidents).

As of May 2020, all planned LEA migrations have been completed. The migration of all LEA AS400 applications to SAS allowed for the decommissioning of LEA AS400s as AS400 vendor support is sunsetting.

An eSignature solution for DPI was deployed which included training, support, and templates to ensure successful adoption across the agency.

Starting with the 20-21 school year, DPI is providing a single platform to manage all CCIP, Exceptional Children, Career and Technical Education and other grants.  This provides a streamlined and consistent experience.

To support teacher recruitment, SBSM has implemented a Statewide Job Board and implemented supporting applicant tracking system.