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North Carolina Meal Ordering System

NCDPI, School Nutrition Services continues to collaborate with Chef Cyndie and the N.C. K-12

Culinary Team to provide resources to assist you in nourishing students’ minds, bodies and souls. COVID-19 may have changed the landscape of School Nutrition, but it has not changed the mission to provide safe, wholesome, appealing meals to students.

NCDPI applauds School Nutrition Program efforts to develop online meal ordering systems.

Thank you and congratulations to the many SFAs across the state experiencing success!

If you have not yet set up online ordering for school meals but are short on time, resources, software to make the dream a reality, the N.C. Online Meal Ordering System may be of assistance. The N.C. Online Ordering System Template is a free and easy tool created by Chef Cyndie and the N.C. K-12 Culinary Team using Google Forms which allows School Nutrition

Programs to set up your own online meal ordering system. Use the video tutorial instructions (see below) to learn the steps for customizing the tool and using it to manage online meal orders.

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