Advanced Learning and Gifted Education

The Division of Advanced Learning & Gifted Education brings together various advanced programs at the NC Department of Public Instruction to ensure collaboration and partnership. Supporting the advanced learning needs of students across North Carolina is critical as DPI and NC educators work to ensure that all students are career and college ready.

The major work streams of the Division of Advanced Learning & Gifted Education focus on:
  • Academically and/or Intellectually Gifted students and programming
  • Advanced Placement/ International Baccalaureate/ Cambridge International Education
  • Credit by Demonstrated Mastery
  • Dual enrollment programs for high school students with NC Institutes of Higher Education, including Career and College Promise and Cooperative Innovative High Schools 
  • North Carolina High School Diploma Endorsements

Programs focused on the advanced learning needs of our students are one of many ways NC is personalizing learning for every student and supporting the growth of all of our students.

Joint Memoranda from NCDPI and Higher Education Partners

NCDPI partners with the NC Community Colleges System Office (NCCCSO), the UNC System (UNCS), and NC Independent Colleges and Universities (NCICU) to support students at each educational level, and in the transitions from high school to higher education. The following memos were jointly released by NCDPI and our higher education system partners in 2020 to support students and their families, especially during this time of COVID-19. 

NCDPI and NCCCSO: Supporting HS Students

NCDPI and UNCS: Ensure Admission Standards

NCDPI and UNCS: Test Waiver

NCDPI and NCICU: HS Grads into College

A Call to Action

Critical Actions to Realize Equity and Excellence in Gifted Education: Changing Mindsets, Policies, and Practices

Increase access and opportunities to increase achievement and growth for all

To set the foundation for realizing both equity and excellence, we must approach it from the shared perspective that both can be realized. Both are integral to a successful educational environment. This commitment toward equity and excellence is urgent and requires intentional and sustained actions. No single action will change mindsets, policies, and practices; we must synergize efforts to increase achievement and growth for all.

Call to Action: Equity and Excellence Brief

NAGC Equity and Excellence 2020 Presentation

NC AIG Booster Shots

Providing Just-In-Time Professional Development Support for ALL
The NC AIG Booster Shots are a series of mini-PD sessions designed to highlight and promote best gifted instructional practices, provide tangible social and emotional support for gifted learners, and provide job- embedded professional development that is targeted, meaningful, quick, and can support teachers with instruction for AIG learners tomorrow!

AIG Booster Shots for Instruction


Stay in Touch

Contact Emails for Division of Advanced Learning and Gifted Education:
AIG/AP-IB-CIE: Beth Cross
AIG/CDM: Stephanie Cyrus
CCP/CIHS: Isaac Lake
General Information: Phone (919) 807-3285