Advanced Mathematics Course (AMC) Enrollment Legislation

To support the effective implementation of NC's Advanced Courses in Mathematics legislation, the NCDPI team provides information and guidance around the impact of the legislation and the mechanism for reporting the information to the Joint Legislative Education Oversight Committee (JLEOC).  

The Advanced Math Course (AMC) legislation strengthens NC’s focus on broadening access and opportunities by ensuring that all impacted students receive rigorous, academically appropriate instruction in mathematics and that students are not overlooked for advanced learning opportunities in mathematics. 

Each year, the NCDPI team provides a comprehensive report to the Joint Legislative Education Oversight Committee (JLEOC) containing data collected for the current school year on the number and demographics of students who were eligible for advanced mathematics courses, including high school level mathematics courses in eighth grade, and for those students, the number and demographics of those who were placed in advanced mathematics courses and were not placed in advanced mathematics courses.  

*The JLEOC report for the 2023-24 school year

Available Resources to support the effective implementation of the AMC legislation:

The AMC Implementation Guide was developed in collaboration with district and charter school partners to offer guidance around effective collaboration with internal stakeholders, communication with students and families, and compacting guidance to support student success in advanced coursework.

AMC Implementation Guide

Updated for the 2023-24 School year!  

NCDPI has developed a brief overview guidance document to support AMC legislation implementation in the upcoming school year.  This resource provides an overview of the legislation and outlines the legislation's impact on schools and students, along with some of the most frequently asked questions regarding the reporting requirements.  

Summer 2023 Updated Guidance Document

The official state course code list for advanced mathematics courses is updated each year to reflect any new courses to support districts in the statewide reporting effort. Only the course codes on this list will be included in the PowerSchool AMC report each year.  The reporting window each year is October 1 - October 15. 

AMC course code list for 2023-24

Video Resource!  

This video resource will overview the purpose and timeline of the Advanced Math Course (AMC) report.  In addition, the team will demonstrate the processes of running and approving the report at both the school and LEA level and highlight the override feature to correct any student data within the reporting hub.

Watch the video here:

AMC Reporting Overview (accompanying presentation slides)