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Senior Director : Dr. Carol Ann M. Hudgens, Assistant Directors : Nicole R. Sinclair and Ginger M. Cash

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The mission of the Office of Exceptional Children is to ensure that students with disabilities develop intellectually, physically, emotionally, and vocationally through the provision of an appropriate individualized education program in the least restrictive environment.

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NC IDEA Grant Application

The North Carolina Department of Public Instruction (NCDPI) is making available its annual State Application for receiving grant award under Part B with the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA) as amended in 2004.

NC IDEA Part B Application FFY24

Interested citizens may submit comments via e-mail to IDEA Grant or mail to: NCDPI, Office of Exceptional Children, ATTN: Nicole Sinclair/ 6356 Mail Service Center, Raleigh, NC 27699-6356.

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School Psychology Licensure Parameters Materials

This archived webinar is intended to provide clarification of NC licensure requirements and the parameters that exist for school psychologists in their practice. Please note, the information is specific to practice within the state of North Carolina. Across the country, states vary in what is considered permissible practice for those credentialed by a State Education Agency in the area of School Psychology. These variances occur as a result of how the laws that guide the practice of psychology are written from state to state. School Psychology Licensure Parameters