North Carolina State Adopted Textbooks

The lists on this page represent textbooks adopted by the North Carolina State Board of Education. The content area under adoption varies by year and some content areas may have an adopted list for multiple years.

For each list,

  • Titles in bold were approved by the State Board of Education
  • Listed below each title are components that are included, if applicable
  • Please note, components of packages may not have been approved by the State Board of Education as stand alone items
Adoption Year List of Adopted Materials
2019 2019 Complete School Price List English Language Arts Grades K-12
  2019 English Language Arts Grades K-5
  2019 English Language Arts Grades 6-8
  2019 English Language Arts Grades 9-12
2018 2018 Complete School Price List Mathematics Grades K-8
  2018 Mathematics Grades K-5
  2018 Mathematics Grades 6-8
2016 2016 Complete School Price List Social Studies K-12 and Health Grades 6-8
  2016 Health  Grades 6-8
  2016 Health Grades 9-12
  2016 Social Studies Grades K-5
  2016 Social Studies Grades 6-8
  2016 Social Studies Grades 9-12
2015 2015 Complete School Price List Science Grades K-12
  2015 Science Grades K-5
  2015 Science Grades 6-8
  2015 Science Grades 9-12
2013 2013 Complete Price List Career and Technical Education
  2013 Business Education Grades 6-12
  2013 Family and Consumer Science Grades 6-12
  2013 Marketing Education
  2013 Technology Education Grades 7-12