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Welcome Publishers! We are excited to have you onboard as a part of NC textbook adoption process. Publishers must be registered on the NC Publishers Registry in order to receive the State Board of Education-approved "Invitation to Submit Textbooks for Evaluation and Adoption in North Carolina" . This invitation will provide the required procedures for submission, evaluation, and adoption of textbooks. Publishers are required to follow the procedures set forth in the invitation and failure to comply with all procedures, including stated deadlines, may result in disqualification. Only publishers on the NC Publishers Registry will be sent the invitation and can submit textbooks for evaluation and adoption. 

In an adoption year, publishers are invited to participate in the Textbook Adoption process through the issuance of the "Invitation to Submit Textbooks for Evaluation and Adoption in North Carolina." This invitation serves as a formal call for the submission of textbooks and instructional materials for evaluation. Throughout the textbook adoption process, emphasis is placed on ensuring that the submitted materials are compatible with the North Carolina Standard Course of Study. The evaluation also considers the appropriateness of the materials for the teachers and students who will be the end users.

The process involves the following key steps:

  • Submission and Evaluation: Publishers respond to the invitation by submitting their textbooks for evaluation. The evaluation process encompasses a thorough assessment of compatibility with the North Carolina Standard Course of Study.
  • Textbook Commission Deliberations: The Textbook Commission convenes to discuss the evaluations conducted by Textbook Evaluation Advisors and their internal evaluations. This collaborative effort aims to draft a list of recommendations.
  • State Board Adoption: At a State Board meeting, the Board formally adopts the list of materials, taking into account the recommendations presented by the Textbook Commission. The North Carolina State Board of Education then provides a comprehensive listing of textbooks and instructional materials endorsed for use by local school systems.
  • Local Review and Evaluation: Following state adoption, local textbook selection committees initiate another round of review and evaluation. This process allows local educators to determine which materials align best with the specific needs of their students.

This transparent and rigorous process ensures that the materials chosen for adoption align not only with state educational standards but also with the practical requirements of teachers and students. The collaboration between publishers, the Textbook Commission, and the State Board of Education aims to provide high-quality instructional resources for schools across North Carolina.

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Only publishers who are on the NC Publishers Registry may submit textbooks and materials for evaluation. Publishers wishing to add their name to the NC Publisher's registry may do so by completing the registration form.

The current registry database is available.

During an adoption cycle, publishers are invited to meet with NCDPI staff for an informational presentation session about the guidelines and procedures for the NC textbook evaluation and adoption process. Material submission parameters and important dates are included in the presentation.

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Publishers will be given the opportunity to submit written questions regarding the "Invitation to Submit Textbooks for Evaluation and Adoption in North Carolina" and receive responses from the NC Department of Public Instruction.

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