Textbook Adoption

Textbooks-Print and DeviceWelcome to the Textbook Adoption home page. The material on this site provides information about the statewide textbook adoption process in North Carolina. Textbooks are evaluated by the NC Textbook Commission based on alignment to the North Carolina Standard Course of Study and specific content area criteria. More information about the textbook adoption process, the NC Textbook Commission, the state adopted textbook list, and the Invitation to Submit Textbooks for Evaluation and Adoption in North Carolina can be found in various sections of this site.

2022 Invitation to Submit Textbooks for Evaluation and Adoption in North Carolina

The 2022 Invitation was approved by the State Board of Education on March 3, 2022. The Invitation initiates the annual evaluation and adoption of textbooks in selected subject categories for use in North Carolina schools. This document, including all attachments, provides an overview of the process for submission, evaluation and adoption of textbooks. K-12 English Language Development and K-12 Social Studies are currently under consideration for adoption. Interested publishers should review the entire 2022 Invitation for submission guidelines and parameters and important dates.

The 2022 Invitation was updated on July 21 to include Textbook Commission meeting date changes. The new meeting dates are included in the tentative schedule on pages 8-9 and as a result updated required dates are reflected throughout the Invitation specifically on pages 2, 13, 14, 16, and 19. The Invitation was updated on Sept. 15 to show the location of the Sept. 19-20 deliberations and reconsiderations meeting. The Invitation was updated on Nov. 7 to show the new address for the textbook warehouse, on page 16, and the name of a new staff member who will receive electronic files or notification of their submission, on page 90. The Invitation was updated on Nov. 15 to correct the last name and email address of the person to receive the electronic files on page 16. The Invitation was updated on Dec. 2 to correct the beginning effective date for the textbook contract on page 74 and the contact name to send contracts, surety bonds, and affidavits on page 24.