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Welcome to the Textbook Adoption home page. This platform offers comprehensive details regarding the statewide textbook adoption procedure in North Carolina. 

"At the heart of North Carolina's educational commitment lies the Textbook Adoption process, a purposeful endeavor designed to empower schools and educators with access to high-quality instructional materials. This comprehensive initiative, guided by the North Carolina Department of Public Instruction, aims to meticulously evaluate, select, and adopt textbooks that align with the state's educational standards. By fostering a transparent and rigorous adoption process led by the dedicated Textbook Commission, we endeavor to equip schools with the most effective tools that support the goals and objectives of the North Carolina Standard Course of Study. The purpose of Textbook Adoption extends beyond procurement; it is a strategic investment in the educational journey of our students, ensuring they receive relevant, engaging, and standards-aligned resources that contribute to their academic success and lifelong learning." 

Below is a brief outline of the textbook adoption process:

Textbook Adoption Process


Additional information about the textbook adoption process, the NC Textbook Commission, the state-approved textbook list, and guidelines for submitting textbooks for evaluation and adoption in North Carolina is available across different sections of this site.

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State Board of Education (SBE) Policies — Textbooks (TEXT)

TEXT-000 Textbook Adoption
TEXT-001 Textbook Evaluation Criteria and Invitation to Submit
TEXT-002 Textbook Evaluation Advisors
TEXT-003 Textbook Commission
TEXT-004 Textbook Contracts
TEXT-005 Disposition of Old Textbooks
TEXT-006 Textbook Publishers Registry
TEXT-008 Selection of American History Textbooks

North Carolina General Statutes - Textbooks

§ 115C-85. Textbook needs are determined by course of study.
§ 115C-86. State Board of Education to select and adopt textbooks.
§ 115C-87. Appointment of Textbook Commission.
§ 115C-88. Commission to evaluate textbooks offered for adoption
§ 115C-89. Selection of textbooks by Board.
§ 115C-90. Adoption of textbooks and contracts with publishers.
§ 115C-91. Continuance and discontinuance of contracts with publishers.
§ 115C-92. Procedure for change of textbook.
§ 115C-93. Advice from and suits by Attorney General.
§ 115C-94. Publishers to register.
§ 115C-95. Sale of books at lower price reduces price to State.
§ 115C-96. Powers and duties of the State Board of Education in regard to textbooks.
§ 115C-97. State Board of Education authorized to discontinue handling supplementary and library books.
§ 115C-98. Local boards of education to provide for local operation of the textbook program, the selection and procurement of other instructional materials, and the use of non-adopted textbooks.
§ 115C-99. Legal custodians of textbooks furnished by State.
§ 115C-100. Rental fees for textbooks prohibited; damage fees authorized.
§ 115C-101. Duties and authority of superintendents of local school administrative units.
§ 115C-102. Right to purchase; disposal of textbooks and materials.


The tentative adoption schedule on this document shows the proposed content areas of adoption by year.