SY 2024-2025 Annual Agreement

Tab/Accordion Items

(SN Technology SFA Application, Site Application(s), Checklist)


STEP 1 : Access the online renewal application via the School Nutrition Technology System (SNTS) 

SNTS New URL:  (Please bookmark this new link for future use.)

*IMPORTANT NOTE* Online Application editing rights are only available to authorized SNTS users at the "Application" security level. Find information and details on the School Nutrition Technology System access.

STEP 2 : Complete all THREE (3) parts of the online application:


  1. SFA Application
  2. Site Applications (One for each school/site), 
  3. Checklist.
SFA Action/Instructions
  • Make sure to check the two certification boxes at the bottom of each Site Application page.
  • The Checklist includes a listing of all hard copy documents that must be submitted to the State Agency along with the written agreement documents.
  • REMEMBER: The Food Safety Inspections data must be completed in the online application (see the "Applications" tab).
  • If applicable, the FSMC Contract List must be completed online.  All FSMC contract documentation must be submitted to Dr. Lynn Harvey for approval.

Have Questions? Need Assistance?
Please contact your School Nutrition Consultant or Jacquelyn McGowan, Compliance Specialist.

Select the following link to navigate to the Free & Reduced Price Application and Verification Forms page:

SY 2024-25 Free & Reduced Price School Meals Household Application and Verification Forms Packet



We have provided the written agreement for each type of SFA with the highlighted changes.  (See the second column) **The highlighted version, in .pdf format, is for FYI purposes only.  Please DO NOT submit the highlighted version to the State Agency for approval.**

Annual Agreement    
& Documents to Print and Submit
Annual Agreement PDF     
(For FYI ONLY. DO NOT SUBMIT document in this column.)
Traditional Public Schools Traditional PDF w/highlights *for FYI only*
Charter Schools Charter PDF w/highlights *for FYI only*
Residential Child Care Institutions RCCI PDF w/highlights *for FYI only*
Non-Public Schools Non-Public PDF w/highlights *for FYI only*

Deadlines for SY 2024-2025 Agreement Renewal

June 19, 2024

Deadline for all SFAs to complete all parts of the Agreement Renewal (Online Renewal Application, and Written Agreement) and all hard copy documents must be received in the State Agency office.  KEEP IN MIND: June 19, 2024 falls on a Wednesday.  Please plan accordingly to ensure your required documents are uploaded and received in the State Agency office by close of business on that day. 

June 30, 2024

*NOTE* The current agreement expires on June 30, 2024.  Any meals served after June 30, 2024 and prior to an approved Agreement for the 2024-2025 school year WILL NOT BE REIMBURSED.  So, we urge you to complete the agreement renewal process as early as possible.

We have provided the agreement for each type of SFA with the highlighted changes.  (See the first column under the Written Agreement Documents section of the Agreement Renewal page.) The highlighted version (in .pdf format) is for FYI purposes only.  Please do not submit the highlighted version to the State Agency for approval.   Also, DO NOT SUBMIT THE ENTIRE AGREEMENT, ONLY THE REQUIRED SIGNATURE PAGES.