Autism Spectrum Disorder

Maureen Kaniuka (NE, SE Regions)
Sarah Royal (NC, SH Regions)
Amanda Passmore (PT, SW Regions)
Heidi Carico (NW, W Regions)

This program serves as a resource to Public School Units (PSUs), including charter schools. The goal is to help ensure that students with ASD develop intellectually, physically, socially, emotionally, and vocationally. NCDPI Consultants for Autism accomplish this by providing universal, tailored, and customized support through professional learning and technical assistance to PSUs throughout the state. This fosters capacity building and sustainment of best practices for PSUs to provide appropriate individualized education programs in the least restrictive environment. 

Access the topic areas for more information, guidance documents, and resources for public school educators working in PSUs in North Carolina and other interested stakeholders. 

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