Indicator 4, 9, and 10

Who to Contact:

Disproportionality Data

CEIS Plans & Improvement Strategies

  • Contact your Regional Coordinator

Policies, Practices & Procedures

  • Contact your Policy, Monitoring, & Audit Consultant

Indicator 4, 9/10 Webinar April 7, 2022 (password: 4910Webinar)

Indicator 4, 9/10 Webinar Transcript

Indicator 4, 9/10 Webinar PowerPoint

Additional Data Tools & Resources

Race Equity Impact Assessment

REAP Equity Impact Assessment - WSFCS Example

Data Resources Summary with Links

North Carolina Discipline Data Reporting Procedures

ECATS Advanced Reporting (AR) Module End User Manual

Directions for Accessing Data

Accessing Child Count Data from ECATS (Word Version)

Registering for and Accessing Data from CEDARS (Word Version)

Accessing Disciplinary Data from PowerSchool

Accessing Demographic Data from PowerSchool