Office of Innovation

The Office of Innovation within the North Carolina Department of Public Instruction serves as the agency’s research and development arm including the following teams: Office of Charter Schools, Office of Innovative Practices and Programs, Office of Research and Evaluation, and Office of Learning & Research. Collectively, the Office of Innovation identifies, nurtures, codifies, evaluates, and scales effective educational innovations across the state of North Carolina. In partnership with schools, districts, and other educational institutions, the Office of Innovation seeks to create intentional intersections among diverse stakeholders to develop creative solutions to educational challenges.

“The Office of Innovation seeks to partner with students, parents, educators, and administrators to develop innovate and effective practices that support North Carolina children.  Through our collaboration with stakeholders internal and external to public education we embrace and value diverse perspectives – which is at the nexus of innovation.  We believe that through this collaboration we can meet our vision - to be the State’s and Nation’s leading educational innovators.”


Andrew Smith, Ed.D, Assistant State Superintendent – Office of Innovation