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The mission of the Promising Practices website is to promote practices that motivate, engage, and provide measurable results in North Carolina’s Public School Units. The Promising Practices Clearinghouse will support teachers, administrators, district personnel and any other education advocates seeking strategies that have been proven successful. Throughout 2022, the North Carolina Department of Public Instruction researched, compiled, disseminated, and promoted practices for educators with the goal of improving educational opportunities for all 1.5 million public school students in North Carolina. NCDPI identified effective practices that improve student performance related to the following strands: Accountability and Testing, Competency Based Education, District and Regional Support, Human Capital, Literacy, Student Support Services, and Learning Recovery and Acceleration. Throughout 2023, NCDPI will continue to identify and elevate practices aligned to the Operation Polaris strands, with the Portrait of a Graduate Competencies as the overarching framework. The Portrait of a Graduate Competencies include Adaptability, Collaboration, Communication, Critical Thinking, Empathy, Learner's Mindset, and Personal Responsibility.

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Collaboration Spotlight: Innovative Funding for Programs and Partnerships

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Montgomery County Schools utilizes an innovative funding strategy through which the district partnered with Research Associates prior to the Covid-19 Pandemic and has continued that partnership through the inclusion of ESSER funds, and the district will continue this partnership after the funds’ expiration. This approach has resulted in numerous innovative opportunities and partnerships throughout the district. As such, this report details Montgomery County Schools’ multifaceted, innovative funding for programs and partnerships.

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