NC Pathways to Excellence for Teaching Professionals

Every student in North Carolina should have access to a highly effective teacher who can help them meet their highest potential and successfully prepare them for life after graduation. 

Unfortunately, North Carolina has long faced teacher pipeline challenges, in part, due to its narrowing licensing process and lack of advancement opportunities for teachers. These barriers, and others, have left teachers feeling undervalued and under-resourced, preventing talented candidates from entering and staying in the profession. Importantly, these barriers impact students. 

However, an opportunity to make impactful reform is on the horizon. By reforming the state’s licensure and compensation systems, North Carolina will improve how it recruits, retains, prepares, supports and compensates teachers. This reform is not only important for our teachers and our students - but also for North Carolina’s education system and economy - as teaching is the profession that makes all other professions possible. 

The North Carolina Pathways to Excellence for Teaching Professionals will bring this opportunity to fruition. 

Its goals are simple: 

  • Every student in North Carolina has access to highly effective educators. 

  • Every student in North Carolina has access to a high-quality education. 

  • North Carolina’s educators are abundant, high quality, diverse and well-prepared to be licensed, employed, supported, retained, and compensated as highly effective educators in North Carolina schools 

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