North Carolina Personalized Assessment Tool

Purpose and Overview

The North Carolina Personalized Assessment Tool is a system of through-grade assessment opportunities aimed towards a balanced assessment system that will provide granular data for immediate feedback about students’ performance throughout the year. The system is currently being developed as a pilot under the U.S Department of Education’s Innovative Assessment Demonstration Authority (IADA) and includes three interim resources (NC Check-Ins 2.0) and an end-of-grade assessment for mathematics and reading at grades 3–8.

The current design purposes of North Carolina Personalized Assessment Tool are:

  • To provide educators, students, and stakeholders with immediate and detailed feedback on grade-level-specific content standards so classroom instruction may be tailored to individual student’s needs;
  • To provide a reliable estimate to inform a student's starting point on the end-of-grade assessment that will provide an academic achievement level for students and for the statewide accountability model; and 
  • To provide a progress indicator for each interim on individual student’s performance in relation to overall grade level performance expectation (if feasible). 



Tab/Accordion Items

NCPAT Statewide Implementation Timeline

  • The NCPAT system will be implemented statewide for the 2023–24 school year at grades 4, 5, 7, and 8 (mathematics and reading).
  • For the 2023–24 school year, all NC schools may choose to participate in the NC Check-Ins 2.0 at grades 3–8. NC Check-Ins are no longer available.
  • Students must complete at least two NC Check-Ins 2.0 by April 1, 2024, for their data to be used to determine an informative starting point on the end-of-grade assessment.

Information on accessing reports is found in the Reports and Review Sessions section (pages 16-29) of the NC Check-Ins 2.0 Handbook.

Teacher-level reports are available to help teachers individualize support and instruction for student learning throughout the year. Reports for NC Check-Ins 2.0 are accessible in the NC Education online reporting system. Teachers are linked to these reports through PowerSchool enrollments. NC Check-Ins 2.0 reports are available only through the online reporting system.

To access reports through the online reporting system, the teacher’s email address in PowerSchool must match the teacher’s email address on the NC Education account. The teacher must have students in the appropriate course code in PowerSchool. Teachers listed as “teacher 2” for coteaching classes will not have access to the reports.