Federal Program Data Collection

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PowerSchool – Federal Modules
PowerSchool collects data for federal programs under the Program Monitoring section. 

How to register for the Federal data collection modules
Access to the Federal data collections within PowerSchool is managed by the LEA/charter Power School Administrator. Please contact your local administrator to request access.

2021-22 Federal Program Monitoring Data Collection Schedule
21-22 Data Collection Schedule
(pdf, 142kb)
Terminology used in schedule:

  • USED = US Department of Education
  • CEDARS = Common Education Data Analysis and Reporting System, NC's PreK-13 State Longitudinal Data System. The system is composed of various DPI source data collection systems, a student and staff identification system, a centralized data repository, and associated reporting and analysis (or "business intelligence") tools.

PowerSchool-Eligible Schools Summary Report
Please check back for updates on how this is going to be reported differently.

PowerSchool-Targeted Assistance Schools
PowerSchool -TAS system collects information on students who are eligible and those who receive services under TAS. All LEAs and charter schools with Title I Schools implementing a TAS program must report TAS data through this PowerSchool module. In PowerSchool menu, found under Federal – Title I.
(pdf, 2.2mb)

PowerSchool-Student Participation
PowerSchool-Student Participation collects count by grade level of children served with Title I Part A funds in private schools, neglected, and delinquent facilities during the school year. It includes October headcount. In PowerSchool menu, found under Federal – Title I.

PowerSchool-Homeless collects information on homeless students and services provided by Local Education Agencies (LEAs). All LEAs and charter schools must report Homeless data through this module, even if there are no homeless children to report. In PowerSchool menu, found under Federal – Title X.

PowerSchool-Neglected or Delinquent October Head Count