Contact Information

School Nutrition Directories

Tab/Accordion Items

Lynn Harvey                       
Senior Director                        

Janet Johnson                       
Assistant Director                        

Name Title Phone
David Mills Administrative Officer 984-236-2902
Alicia Guiton Business Service Coordinator 984.236.2645
Ursula Banks Program Coordinator 984-236-2916
Torra Walker Program Coordinator 984-236-2976
Vacant Business Systems Analyst 000.000.0000
Cernik, Frank Financial Analyst 984-236-2454
Hermon Jackson Technology Analyst 984.236.2908
McGowan, Jacquelyn Compliance Specialist 984-236-2909
Donna Knight Staff Development Specialist 984.236.2634
Jacquelyn McGowan Compliance Specialist 984.236.2909
Zoe McKay-Tucker Fresh Fruit & Vegetable Program Consultant 984-236-2636
Katrina Perry Professional Development Consultant 984-236-2644
Tracey Bates Nutrition and Promotion Specialist 984.236.2635
Cindy Hobbs Procurement Alliance Consultant 704-577-1741
LeAnn Seelman Procurement Alliance Consultant 252-676-3619


Administrative Review Unit

Jeff Squires                       
Lead Administrative Review Specialist                        

Name Title Phone
Frank Fiorella   Administrative Review Specialist 415.902.4481
Vacant Administrative Review  Specialist 000.000.000
Rebecca Sharpe Administrative Review Specialist 919.525.5630


Program Operations and Management Section

Victoria Homick                       
Section Chief                           

Area Name Title Phone
Area 1 Jennifer Brown Nutrition Area Consultant 984.236.2631
Area 2 Sheryl Harris Nutrition Area Consultant 828.674.2215
Area 3 Trip Warren Nutrition Area Consultant 828.230.4586
Area 4 Vacant Nutrition Area Consultant 000.000.0000
Area 5 Vacant Nutrition Area Consultant 000.000.0000
Area 6 Flo Smith Nutrition Area Consultant 336.681.6045
Area 7 Tara Kelley Nutrition Area Consultant 828.612.2301
Area 8 Vacant Nutrition Area Consultant 000.000.0000
Area 9 Vacant Nutrition Area Consultant 000.000.0000
Area 10 Dana Edwards Nutrition Area Consultant 919.412.6773
Area 11 Cathie Masters Nutrition Area Consultant 919.247.2853
Area 12 Leslie Otts Nutrition Area Consultant 252.330.7944
Area 13 Gwyn Roberson-McBride Nutrition Area Consultant 910.977.5537
Area 14 Laura Chase Nutrition Area Consultant 252.725.3945
Area 15 Pam Sheets Nutrition Area Consultant 919.649.7819



Summer and Special Nutrition Programs Section

Jennifer Bailey                       
Interim Section Chief                        

Name Title Phone
Jada Brown Nutrition Compliance Specialist 984.236.2911
Ivy Early Nutrition Compliance Specialist 984.236.2629
Lynne Privette Nutrition Compliance Specialist 984.236.2633