Education Lottery Funding

NC Education Lottery
The net proceeds of the North Carolina Education Lottery go to education expenses, including reduced class size in early grades, academic prekindergarten programs, school construction, and scholarships for needy college and university students. See how much each county receives in lottery funding:

About 30 percent of lottery revenue goes to education. Even if the NC Education lottery gave 100 percent of its revenue to schools, that would only cover about 19 percent of the state's total budget for K-12 public schools.

How Lottery Funding Applies to Charter Schools
There are four large revenue streams that support state funding for public schools: Fines and Forfeitures, Sales Tax, Lottery Receipts, and the General Fund. While there are guidelines as to how much of each stream comes to support public schools (e.g. 50% of net Lottery revenues going to class size reduction in early grades and prekindergarten programs), the funds are commingled when they enter the State Public School Fund. The SPSF is then distributed according to the usual allotment formulas. As a result, charter schools do get money from each of those pots; however, charter schools do not get the portion of lottery funding dedicated to the Public School Building Capital Fund as they are not entitled to capital funding per GS 115C-238.29H.

Lottery Distribution by LEA

Tab/Accordion Items

Estimated December 14, 2018

Final October 8, 2018

Estimated October 8, 2018

Final October 8, 2018

Estimated March 22, 2017

Final March 22, 2017

Estimated September 28, 2015

Final October 8, 2018

Estimated October 8, 2018

Final March 9, 2015

Estimated August 15, 2013

Final June 28, 2013

Estimated September 7, 2012

Final September 7, 2012

Estimated June 14, 2011

Final September 7, 2012

Estimated August 20, 2010

Final August 20, 2010

Estimated February 25, 2010



Final September 4, 2009

Estimated September 17, 2008


Final September 17, 2008

Estimated August 23, 2007


Final July 25, 2007

Estimated October 13, 2006