K-12 Standards, Curriculum, and Instruction

SC&I Division

The primary purpose of the K-12 Standards, Curriculum, and Instruction Division is to serve as the authoritative source for the review, revision, and support for the implementation of state content standards in the North Carolina Standard Course of Study. The Division additionally supports multiple legislative and grant-related programs, initiatives, and reporting requirements.  Please visit the K-12 Standards, Curriculum, and Instruction Google Site to access information, materials, and resources across areas and programs. 

Public Announcement: K-12 Social Studies Draft 1 - Public Review

Per SBE policy SCOS-012, the standards revision process is feedback-based, research-informed, improvement-oriented, and process driven. The NCDPI K-12 Social Studies Team is deeply committed to ensuring that the Revision Process include the consideration of all concerns posed by educators in the schools and local districts.

The public feedback survey for Draft 1 opened on December 13, 2019 and will close on January 31, 2020. Each Social Studies course, kindergarten through high school, has its own individual survey. This review includes a link to the proposed newly required Economics and Personal Finance (EPF) course.  The feedback provided from these surveys will be used in conjunction with input from teachers and social studies specialists from North Carolina Public Schools to create Draft 2 of the standards.

Link: Standards Revision Survey

For more information, please contact: Dr. Lori Major Carlin, Section Chief, K-12 Social Studies and Arts Education; 919-807-3954 (Phone); lori.carlin@dpi.nc.gov