Testing Results (Green Book)

Reports of Student Performance

The 2018–19 North Carolina State Testing Results document provides information on student participation and performance at the state level with some limited local education agency (LEA) data. These test data were generated from original administration data files provided by  Public School Units (local education agencies, charter schools, regional schools, lab schools, and residential schools) through fall 2019. The primary focus of this compendium of data is student participation and performance on End-of-Grade and End-of-Course general and alternate assessments during the 2018–19 school year. Secondarily, overall performance on North Carolina Final Exams is provided. Results contained within this document may be used to make grade-to-grade, and subject-to-subject comparisons and as a reference for educational stakeholders interested in making comparisons, conducting analyses, and generating reports. Disaggregated test results for subgroups are included as well as summary statistics. The state-level goal summary reports serve as a curriculum reference of student performance on the curriculum competencies defined in the North Carolina Standard Course of Study

Results included in these documents were generated from tests administered statewide during 201819 school year. The local schools or school systems used proprietary software developed by the North Carolina Department of Public Instruction to scan and score student answer sheets and score student online assessment test records. The data were sent to the North Carolina Department of Public Instruction where they were concatenated. Confidentiality ethics do not permit references to subgroups with less than ten students.