ARP Learning Cohorts

The ARP Learning Cohorts are an opportunity for PSUs to continue conversations that began at the 2022 Summer Convening in partnership with the EVAAS team at the SAS Institute.  The purpose of the learning modules is to advise, create discussions, and support PSUs in the scaling of ESSER-funded initiatives as well as sharing these items with their stakeholders.  Some of the topics being covered are:

  • PSU monitoring of current ESSER-funded initiatives and their effectiveness as well as tools to share this information with stakeholders.
  • Remediation NO, Acceleration!  This module focuses on PSUs’ approach to helping students make up for lost instructional time
  • Progress monitoring, who are your decision makers and how does this influence decisions within your PSU?
Tab/Accordion Items

ARP 20% Tracking Presentation from the AIM Conference

ARP 20% Tracking Excel Sheet*

*Download this data tracking sheet, save to your computer and enable macros before use.

Video overview of Learning Cohort Modules 1 - 3

Infographic for Learning Cohort Modules

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ARP Committee of Practitioners

Committee Charge

The Committee of Practitioners is an advisory committee to the Office of Learning & Research and other units within the NC DPI. The purpose of the committee is to advise and provide feedback to the state in carrying out its responsibilities under the American Rescue Plan (ARP).The duties of the Committee are solely advisory and include:

  1. To advise and provide feedback to the State in carrying out its responsibilities under the ARP;
  2. To review, before publication, any proposed or final State rule or regulation created pursuant to the ARP; and
  3. To carry out any other responsibility as directed by federal law, the State Board of Education, or the Office of Learning & Research.

Meeting Information:

October ARP Committee Meeting 2023

September ARP Committee Meeting 2022

June ARP Committee Meeting 2022

May Data Subcommittee Meeting

March ARP Committee Meeting 2022

February ARP Committee Meeting 2022

January ARP Committee Meeting 2022

December ARP Committee Meeting 2021