Communication is the most critical component in implementing, scaling up, and sustaining the vision and goals of the NC SEL Implementation Team.

"A carefully crafted plan allows for sharing of information with staff, families, students, and relevant community entities. It seeks to celebrate successes, inform, prevent misunderstandings to reduce barriers, build the collective commitment of the organization's diverse stakeholders."


Example of communication planThe NC SEL Implementation Team has utilized resources such as the Communication Protocol Worksheet and the SISEP Communication Plan Templateto develop an NC SEL Communication Plan.

A useful tool in developing and implementing a communication plan is this CASEL resource, Steps for Developing Effective Social and Emotional Learning Communication Strategies.

Other Resources


NC State Board of Education Support for SEL

NC State Board of Education Goals



NCSBOE Strategic Plan Goals Specifically Impacted by Social and Emotional Learning in NC PK - 12 Public Schools:

  1. Decrease the number of exclusionary discipline practices by subgroup (suspensions and expulsions)

  2. Improve school climate measures across all schools and grade levels

  3. Decrease the high school dropout rate for each subgroup

  4. Increase the percentage of students proficient in math by subgroup

  5. Increase the percentage of grades 3-8 math and ELA EOG subgroup test scores meeting the ESSA Yearly Measures of Interim Progress

  6. Increase the percentage of students proficient in science by subgroup

  7. Increase the number of schools meeting or exceeding growth measure by subgroup


2020 NC SEL Implementation Update to the State Board Of Education

Presentation Slides: August SEL Update for SBE

Presentation Recording: August SEL Update for SBE

State Efforts to Elevate Social and Emotional Learning During the Pandemic p. 8- Eric Davis
In North Carolina, Eric Davis, chairman of the State Board of Education issued a statement that specifically acknowledges educators and their support of social and emotional well-being, as well as the importance of maintaining critical connections with students, particularly for students who are most vulnerable.

“In light of today’s announcement, we remain forward-focused. State and district leaders are already discussing options and planning for what reentry in the 2020-21 school year can look like and what resources will be necessary to support our students’ academic and social, emotional, and health needs.”

-Eric Davis, Raleigh, NC April 24, 2020

Perspective State Board of Education Chair Eric Davis on COVID-19 school closures


Statewide SEL Communication

NC DPI Social and Emotional Learning Support for COVID-19 and Beyond was released in March 2020 for the purpose of connecting the rollout of NC SEL to the current impact of remote learning on educators, families, students, and the community at large.


NC SEL Newsletter



September 2020

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March 2020

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How can I get updates about NC SEL?
NC SEL Implementation Team shares a quarterly newsletter through communication pathways at NC DPI including Superintendent messages, MTSS/PBIS Coordinator Newsletters, and various NCDPI Division or team specific listservs. The Newsletter will also be shared on NCDPI Social Media channels. Search @NCSEL for more information 

Social Media

The resource linked here, Steps for Developing Effective Social and Emotional Learning Communication Strategies, relates that social media can be a key tool for scaling and spreading a message as well as a tool for listening to build awareness of existing conversations and leaders on a particular topic, in our case, SEL as it impacts the education system.

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NC State Board of Education Goals

Goal 1

Goal 1

Eliminate opportunity gaps by 2025

Goal 2

Goal 2

Improve school and district performance by 2025.

Goal 3

Goal 3

Increase educator preparedness to meet the needs of every student by 2025.