School Mental Health Policy

In June of 2020, Session Law 2020-7 was approved by the North Carolina General Assembly. It is an act to require the state board of education to adopt a school-based mental health policy and to require k-12 school units to adopt and to implement a school-based mental health plan that includes a mental health training program and a suicide risk referral protocol.

The NC State Board of Education then adopted SHLT-003:School-Based Mental Health Policy that aligns with legislation and details compliance requirements.  

Plan Components outlines what needs to be included in your school mental health improvement plan and provides additional resources to help guide the process.  A sample memorandum of understanding and suicide risk protocol is also provided.  A PDF version of the PSU Improvement Plan for Social Emotional Learning (SEL) and School Mental Health template is also available to download.  This template can be used for compliance in reporting to DPI.

The Model Training Plan lists all the legislated trainings and provides no-cost options to complete the trainings.  Canvas courses are also available for some of the legislative requirements. Additional resources are provided to help assist with trainings and comprehensive service delivery.  A PDF version of the Model Mental Health Training  Program is also available to download.  

Reporting details all of the information needed for PSUs to report to DPI on their plans.  The Health Active Children Policy has added questions that will meet the requirements for reporting. Directions for how to upload plans are also provided.

FAQs will provide answers to the questions that have been raised around the School Mental Health Policy and requirements.  

Video Tour on the Use of These Resource Pages

Below is a link to a video to help guide you through the use of these support resources including examples from North Carolina school districts.

The Outline for the SEL & SBMH Implementation Plan featured in the video tour below is provided to assist your team in planning. The actual PSU Improvement Plan Template can be found on the Plan Components page.