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Digital age school library media programs help bridge the digital divide and close achievement gaps. In the past decade, these programs and the media coordinators who lead them have evolved to meet the information needs of students and teachers in our technological world. Students develop digital literacy skills through technology enhanced learning experiences facilitated by their school library media coordinators. Media coordinators, and the resources they provide through their instruction and collections, are integral to the culture of literacy in our schools. To learn more about school library media and research connecting it to student achievement, review the resources in this section.



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Kathy Parker
Sandhills Region & School Library Media Consultant
Digital Teaching and Learning
NC Department of Public Instruction
(W) (252) 220-0917

Are you interested in learning more about school library media programs? The following resources provide state and national level information about these programs. 

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  • State Standards
  • National Standards 
  • National Frameworks
  • Guidelines
  • Evaluation Instruments

Did you know that years of research positively correlates effective library media programs with student achievement? Studies over the past several decades have consistently demonstrated positive connections between student learning and high-quality library media programs led by certified library media coordinators. Furthermore, research shows that the services, resources, and learning environments provided by certified school library media coordinators are especially impactful for our most vulnerable students. You can learn more about research pertaining to school library media programs in this section. 

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