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NC AI Guidelines: The North Carolina Department of Public Instruction invites educators, school leaders, and stakeholders to explore "Generative AI Implementation Recommendations and Considerations for PK-13 Public Schools" by visiting this link:

This is a living document.  Always use the official short link for the most up to date version.


NC AI Summits Were a Success!

NCDPI hosted 2 AI Summits for education leaders and AI steering committees to help guide the responsible adoption and implementation of generative AI in our public schools.  We were pleased that the 380 attendees across the state provided overall very positive reviews and a desire for future similar events.

All NC AI Summit Resources including presentation links and other resources shared by the presenters can be viewed by visiting this NC AI Summit Resources Folder.  All content can be utilized and remixed by North Carolina public schools as long as credit is given and there are no commercial uses.  


NEW: North Carolina School Boards Association Updated Policy Recommendations about AI

The North Carolina School Boards Association has issued policies regarding AI use in schools.  The NC School Boards Association updated policy 3220 Technology in Educational Program to include these statements regarding AI Implementation, which are in alignment with the NC Generative AI Implementation Recommendations and Considerations for PK-13 Public Schools.

To summarize, the board encourages the use of generative AI by school system employees and students to expand their skills and capabilities and to prepare students for a future AI-enhanced world and states that all school system employees and students should be AI literate.   The board goes on to recommend professional development for all staff.   

Additionally, Policy 3225/4312/7320 Technology Responsible Use makes recommendations about AI Policies and parental notifications and consent. 
The policies as well as a summary of the relevant portions of these policies can be viewed in this Google Drive Folder.  


Summer of AI: Wednesday Webinar Series

This new webinar series is designed to help guide the responsible implementation of AI and AI Literacy into North Carolina's PK-13 public schools.  All NC educators and education leaders are welcome to attend.


Webinars will all be on Wednesdays 2-3 times per month from 3:30-4:40 pm and we are adding additional webinars from 10:00-11:00 am.  

All webinar dates, times, titles, and descriptions are on our webpage at

All who register will receive a calendar invitation for the whole series, and reminders for each webinar along with date, time, title, and description will be sent the week before.  You may attend any or all that they like.  Those who participate live will receive a certificate of attendance from NCDPI.

All webinars will be recorded and posted on our webpage for on demand viewing.  While NCDPI won't be able to award certificates for on-demand viewing, you may request credit through your Public School Unit.

All webinars will be hosted by Vera Cubero and/or Stacy Lovdahl, with support from the NCDPI DTL Consultants.