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The Division of Digital Teaching and Learning provides professional learning opportunities aligned to the Digital Learning Initiative as outlined in the current Digital Learning Plan. The Digital Learning Competencies for Educators as well as the North Carolilna Digital Learning Standards serve to guide offerings as professional learning is delivered in various modalities and settings.  While utilizing data from the Digital Learning Progress Rubric, PSUs are able to customize by their local needs the opportunities participated in by both PSU administrators and teachers.

Successful professional development programs are:

  • embedded in ongoing work
  • differentiated to meet individual needs
  • enable digital-age learner experiences
  • leverage professional learning communities

Current and future events and offerings can be found below.  Please consult your regional DTL consultant with any questions. 

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The Division of Digital Teaching and learning hosts professional conferences both regionally and virtually.  Live 2024 sessions will take place July 15-18 and July 22-25. Locations and registration will be announced in May 2024. 

Check our some great resources from past conferences at the NCBOLD page.

Contact Lauren Boucher or Brian Whitson with questions.  #NCBOLD Resources.

Enhanced Health Module Training Videos

  • Nurse Health Screenings
  • Nurse Immunizations
  • Nurse Office Visits
  • Grade Level Certifications & Medications
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  • Student Support


The North Carolina Educator Effectiveness System (NCEES) houses professional learning opportunities for NC public school educators. Courses support the NC Professional Standards and the Digital Learning Competencies for Educators. Credits for completion are managed at the local level.  Individual users are encouraged to seek prior approval for credits using local guidelines and procedures. Course titles and descriptions can be found in the list below.  More information about the NCEES system is available via the NCEES site. NCEES is available through the NCEdCloud portal - professional development tab. 

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NCEES Professional Learning Catalog

NCVPS Professional Learning Courses Available in NCEES


NC  VR Adventures


NCVR - On the Road Workshop

Learn how to positively impact student learning by creating innovative, literacy-rich, project-based learning experiences that will engage students in content areas from science and social studies to math and CTE using tools educators likely have in their classrooms right now. This engaging instructional strategy is applicable to all classrooms and can be experienced by students through a simple link on a variety of technology including Chromebooks, phones and tablets as well as VR headsets. NC VR Adventures are designed for K-12 educators, school counselors and anyone eager to take learners on adventures.

NCCAT - 3 ½ day workshop Spring 2022

With the sunsetting of Google Expeditions and apps like Google Poly, how can we continue to place the power of virtual reality into the hands of students? What if learners could create virtual reality projects to experience our state, local and national parks as well as historical sites? Join NCCAT to collect digital artifacts at sites near NCCAT’s campus on self-selected field trips using your smartphone, iPad and free apps. Together, we will create virtual reality projects that foster engagement, critical thinking, and creativity, and engender something unique to this instructional strategy: empathy and a connection to the beauty and history of our state. These interdisciplinary VR experiences will be aligned to your learning objectives and can be used immediately with your students leveraging the technology you may already have in your classrooms and media centers, like Google Cardboard, goggles, or a simple link. This program is designed for K-12 educators, school counselors and anyone eager to take learners on adventures.

Visit the NC VR Adventures site for more information.


NCDPI has provided online subscription resources for our schools since 1999 ensuring that all NC students have access to a collection of online resources for use in educational pursuits, without regard to the economic status of their local PSU.  Resources ensure quality, economy of scale and reliability.  Instructional support includes: • Reading Literacy • Research Processes • Personalized Learning • Digital Literacy • Individualized Learning • English Second Language • Content Integration • Platform Integration

Resources are available via NCEdCloud at  Please visit the Resources Toolkit for more information including tutorials, professional learning, guides, instructional resources and more!  The parent and student sections offer tutorials and accessibility information. Local PSUs and individual educators may utilize the resources for their own professional learning activities with suggested use of micro-credentials/artifacts aligned to the Digital Learning Competencies for Educators.

Micro-credentialing is the non-traditional education path where the learner gains skill sets in a specific area and receives a credential. The micro-credential is what you earn and the badge is what you display. Innovative districts across NC are already piloting the use of micro-credentialing and offering digital badges as a way for educators to demonstrate competency and application in their classrooms. 

Why choose Micro-credentials?

  • Teachers incorporate these newly acquired skills in their practice.
  • Depth of learning is increased as mastery is demonstrated.
  • Offers a personalized learning experience through evidence of mastery.
  • Demonstrate mastery in many ways, from industry credentials to class badges.
  • Demonstrate a desire to learn even more.
  • Formally recognize achievements, often in digital portfolios.
  • Credentials may be utilized to evaluate candidates for advanced positions.

Learn more about micro-credentials.

Other Opportunities for Self Paced PD Courses for Renewal Credit