Legislative References

North Carolina general statutes governing procedures for the design and construction of public school facilities

The following general statutes relate to procedures for the design and construction of public school facilities. Texts of the statutes may be found in the School Planning publication entitled Selected Laws Relating to the Construction and Repair of Public School Facilities in North Carolina.

GS 18C-160 to 161 North Carolina State Lottery Fund.
GS 44A-26 Bonds Required.
GS 58-193 Commissioner to inspect State Property; plans submitted.
GS 115C-81(b) Basic Education Program.
GS 115C-276 Duties of Superintendent.
GS 115C-426 Uniform Budget Format (Capital Outlay Fund).
GS 115C-458 to 467 Loans from State Literary Fund.
GS 115C-472.5 Computer Loan Revolving Fund.
GS 115C-517 Acquisition of sites.
GS 115C-518 Disposition of school property.
GS 115C-521 Erection of school buildings.
GS 115C-524 Repair of school property; use of buildings for other than school purposes.
GS 115C-525 Fire prevention.
GS 115C-531 Capital leases of school buildings and school facilities.
GS 115C-546.1 to 546.2 Public School Building Capital Funds (ADM, Lottery Funds).
GS 133-1 Employment of architect or engineer when interested in use of material prohibited.
GS 133-1.1 Certain buildings involving public funds to be designed by architect or engineer.
GS 133-2 Drawing of plans by material furnisher prohibited.
GS 133-3 Specifications to carry competitive items; substitution of materials.
GS 133-4 Violation of chapter made misdemeanor.
GS 136-18 Powers of Department of Transportation.
GS 143-64.31 Procurement of Architectural, Engineering, and Surveying Services.
GS 143-64.33 Written exemption of particular contracts.
GS 143-64.33 Advice in selecting consultants or negotiating consultant contracts.
GS 143-128 Requirements for certain building contracts.
GS 143-129 Letting of public contracts; purchases from federal government by State, counties, etc.
GS 143-129.1 Withdrawal of bid.
GS 143-130 Allowance for convict labor must be specified.
GS 143-131 When counties, cities, and towns may let contracts on informal bids.
GS 143-132 Minimum number of bids for public contracts.
GS 143-134.1 Interest on final payments due to prime contractors.
GS 143-135 Limitation of application of Article.
GS 160A-20 Installment Financing.