School Resource Officers

School Resource OfficerSchool Resource Officers (SROs) serve as comprehensive resources in the schools to which they are assigned. The Center for Safer Schools' research-derived definition of an SRO is: a certified law enforcement officer who is permanently assigned to provide coverage to a school or a set of schools.

The SRO is specifically trained to perform three roles:

  • law enforcement officer
  • law-related counselor
  • law-related education teacher

The SRO is not necessarily a DARE officer (although many have received such training), security guard, or officer who has been placed temporarily in a school in response to a crisis situation; but rather acts as a comprehensive resource for the school.

School Resource Officer Program

SRO Progam

SRO Progam

A School Resource Officer (SRO) program places law enforcement officers in schools with the goal of creating and maintaining safe, secure and orderly learning environments for students, teachers and staff. With such a program, the officer represents much more than "the cop in the shop." An SRO program reflects a community's desire to ensure that its schools are safe, secure and orderly. SROs represent a proactive strategy designed to bring prevention and intervention into the schools.