NC Task Force for Safer Schools

The Center for Safer Schools Task Force was established in September 2013, by Executive Order 25, tasked to serve as an advisory body to the Center. The Task Force is comprised of appointed stakeholders to include parents, students, teachers, school administrators, law enforcement, juvenile justice professionals and mental health professionals.

The Task Force is divided into working groups to include School Climate and Discipline, Mental Health, Substance Use, Physical Security and Emergency Preparedness, School Resource Officers, and Gang Intervention.

Appointed Task Force Members

First Name Last Name Position
SGT Sandy Bennet SRO
Donovan Bethea Student Member
Evelyn Bulluck Local School Board
Shelanna Copeny At Large
Mike Daniska DPS Secretary/Designee
Alan Duncan State Board of Education Member
Stephanie Ellis Public School Psychologist
Vanessa Goodman Barnes Licensed School Counselor
Rachel Johnson DHHS Secretary/Designee
VACANT   Local Law Enforcement
William (Billy) Lassiter (Chair) Juvenile Justice Professional
Evonne Moore Licensed Social Worker
Danya Perry Expert in Gang Prevention & Intervention
Christine Reddin At Large- Charter Schools
Sheriff Danny Rogers Local Law Enforcement
Josh Stein NC Justice Academy/Attorney General
Leah Stein  Student Member
Christopher Suggs GCC Member
Patrick Tillman Local School Board
Bo Trumbo Emergency Management
VACANT Public School Administrator  
VACANT Public School Teacher   
Jeff White  Public School Administrator
Donna White  At Large-General Assembly
India Irene Williams Parent of Public School Student