Say Something Anonymous Reporting System

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When it comes to preventing and intervening in a crisis, early information is a crucial component. One of the best ways that school communities can ensure that information is given thoroughly, quickly, and effectively is to implement an anonymous reporting system and the supplemental training and practices that support full-scale use.

Students Have Knowledge

Experts agree that students usually know more about threats of violence from other students than adults do. The information that students have is crucial to a meaningful, timely response to a potential crisis. In order for them to share that information they must have a trusted means to do so and the training to know when to use it.


Per G.S. 115C-105.51, the NC Center for Safer Schools supports a statewide student anonymous safety tip application - Say Something Anonymous Reporting System.


School districts and Charter Schools statewide are working with Sandy Hook Promise to offer training to school-level staff and students on the free online app where secure and anonymous safety concerns can be reported to help at-risk individuals before they hurt themselves or others. Statewide rollout of Say Something began in 2019 and districts and schools continue to adopt the system.


Say Something Anonymous Reporting System