What Students Say About the Governor's School

Governor’s School West 2019 – Selected Survey Results Gov School West students

”The overall curriculum of Governor’s School – with its emphasis on critical thinking about contemporary ideas – interested me and challenged me.”
Strongly agree or agree – 99.0%

“The style of teaching and learning prevalent in my Governor’s School classes engaged me.”
Strongly agree or agree – 99.3%

"My Area I classes focused on contemporary topics, theories and techniques in my discipline."
Strongly agree or agree – 99.0% 

“My Area 2 class encouraged me to thinking critically, ask complex questions, to examine challenging concepts, and to consider views other than my own.”
Strongly agree or agree – 93.5%

“Overall, attending Governor’s School was a rewarding experience.”
Strongly agree or agree – 100%

“Given my experience this summer, I believe I made the right decision to attend Governor’s School.”
Strongly agree or agree – 100%

Additional questions and sample answers:

  • How would you describe Governor’s School to someone who had never heard of it?

    • “A program that allows you to explore the current and relevant aspects of your Area I, society and yourself, as well as foster a community of open minds and caring people."
    • "Hard, fun and exciting. It was something that fundamentally changed me as a person. Governor's School has prepared me for new opinions and viewpoints."
    • "Something that both grounds you and challenges your perspective."
    • "It's mini-college, but way, way, way more fun that you think."
    • "A summer program that focuses on learning for the sake of learning."
    • "Purely amazing. Life changing. Worth it."
  • Do you feel you have changed or grown as a result of your Governor’s School experience? If so, how?
    • “Yes, I think I've become a more complex thinker and open-minded person."
    • "I have grown into a better musician. I have learned new techniques and styles of music."
    • "Yes. I mean, it's Governor's School! We meet people and form relationships while learning graduate level chemistry! It's amazing!"
    • “This has encouraged me to pursue a career in mathematics more than I already was."
    • "Yes, I feel like I'll be more likely to speak my mind than to sit back."
    • "I have grown so much because I'm starting to process things and be able to form my own opinions with a strong defense."
    • "Yes, I've become more open and willing to challenge ideas presented to me, not just accepting everything as it is presented."
  • How would you complete the following statement? Because of Governor’s School…
    • “I am a better person."
    • "I met some of my best friends."
    • "I've learned to take a more in-depth look into ideas and concepts."
    • "I have become a better musician."
    • "I didn't experience a summer drop-off between school years."
    • "I have affirmed many beliefs and figured out how to have respectful debates on tough issues."
    • "I had one of the best experiences of my life."

Governor's School East 2019 – Selected Survey ResultsGov School East students

“In Area I [the discipline in which students are selected], the instructor(s) introduced me to new ideas and helped me understand and/or question old ideas”
Strongly agree or agree – 95.15%

“My Area I instructor was helpful; I appreciated the instructor's willingness to share ideas and skills with me during and after class.”
Strongly agree or agree – 97.09%

"My Area II instructor was helpful; I appreciated the instructor's willingness to share ideas and skills with me during and after class."
Strongly agree or agree – 93.79%

“As a result of attending Governor's School, I have a better understanding of myself.”
Strongly agree or agree – 95.33%

“I will encourage other students to apply to the Governor’s School.”
Strongly agree or agree – 99.67%

Additional questions and sample answers:

  • I would encourage other students to attend Governor’s School because…

    • "You will grow as a person, whether you expect to or not."
    • "It enhances your best characteristics and you get a slice of what college will be like."
    • "You learn a lot and you hear different perspectives and you meet incredible people."
    • "GSE encourages individuals to be introspective, authentic, and empathic. You’re exposed to similar and differing opinions and you’re able to effectively listen to the “other side”."
    • "Nobody cares where you came from or what your house looks like, all people care about it who you are and who you want to become. I have advanced so much on my instrument and made such good friends that I am so torn to leave."
  • In my opinion, the strongest aspects of the program are…
    • "The classes, learning and becoming accustomed to residential life, meeting new people."
    • "The people, from administration to teachers to TACs to students, the people involved have really made Governor's School special."
    • "The experiences that we go through such as making new friends and enjoying the classes and discussions."
    • "The community bonding events and the connections we form with one another, not just to students but teachers and teaching assistants/counselors as well.
  • For me, some of the highlights of Governor’s School East were…
    • "The "magic" aspect of the program."
    • "The people. The different electives allowed me to explore many of my different interests and discover new ones. The highlight of GSE is its intrinsic value of allowing people to discover new connection with others and themselves."
    • "Enhancing my academic skill and the dances."
    • "The electives and making genuine relationships with people that I will cherish forever."
    • "The Fourth of July party, talking with my friends on the quad, going to dance electives, and socializing with GSE staff.