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GSW 2024 is hosted by Greensboro College in Greensboro, NC.


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GSW Alumni:

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The Governor's School West Campus Office will resume in June of 2024. In the meantime, please email the NC Governor's School Office at Thank you!


Area I Reflections

After Week 1, Area I classes shared a reflection of what students have been learning, creating, and doing in their classes. 

Natural Science: Students have been working thorugh a variety of concepts. In the course "Bonding and Beyond," students are focused on understanding how molecular geometry plays a key role in the function of a variety of environmental issues. In the "Experimental Design" course, students have been conducting experiments to explore chemical reactions and learn about variables. In "Minds and Brains" students have spent time learning about the history and focus of science, as well as the functional parts of the brain. In "Zombies: Epidemiology, Biology, and Environmental Impact" students have been learning about various pathogens and the methods of transmissions through populations.

Spanish: This week, students performed scenes from an adapted play of Don Quixote, both acting and using puppets. Students have been enjoying conversing in Spanish, and this week they also learned the basic steps to Salsa dancing.

Instrumental Music: Students have been improvising for the first time in a contemporary classical sense, have rehearsed music by living composers, and have questioned their understanding of what music/notes/musicians are and what qualifies music as "good" or "bad." 

Social Science: Students learned about the theory of durable inequality in a simulation activity that illustrated how inequality moves from one group to another. Students explored how art is a primary source in to the mind of society. They also explored and deconstructed social constructs like time, sleep, and weather. In a fishbowl-style Socratic seminar, they navigated the complex implications of western gender constructs on our Society. On Saturday, they explored the functions of memes, music, and deontoloty.

Visual Art: What is drawing? You might know it as pencil on paper, but many contemporary artists today consider drawing a more open-ended way to approach art. Students learned about different ways artists define drawing. They completed blind contours, sound drawings, and movement games throughout the week, and students were asked to consider them as drawings. We concluded the week by asking students to write their own devinitions of drawing and making a piece of art within that definition. 

GS West Information for Parents

2023 GS West Course Descriptions

Bios for Faculty, Staff, and Fellows 

Information for Sunday Visitation:

Parents will report to students' residence halls to sign out their child.

Fellows will be in the lobbies where check-in took place.

Please bring and present your photo ID so that we can confirm your identity with our permission list.

You will fill out a spreadsheet to sign out your child.

All students must return to campus by 3pm.  


Reminder of details from the Student Handbook:

  • No overnight checkouts will be permitted.
  • Only parents/guardians, or parties listed in the Registration Form, will be allowed to pick up/visit students.
  • It is an expectation that students are being checked out to leave campus.  
  • Parents/families may remain on campus with their students; but they are not permitted in the dormitories and are unable to eat in the dining halls.
  • If the student does not return by 3:00 pm, the student will lose check-out privileges for the remainder of the session.
  • Depending on the number of parents choosing to check their students out, there may be a wait.