2024 NC Governor's School

Date Event
September 2023 Information on the 2024 session of Governor's School will be sent to school/school system officials and posted on the Governor's School website. Informational meetings will recorded and made available to schools/school systems throughout the state to complement local nomination efforts. 
October/November Local district/school processes for selection of state nominees.  
December 15, 2023 All nominations must be submitted electronically by the official Governor's School Contact of the district/school. 
January/February 2024 State application review process.
Early March 2024 Notices of students selected to attend the 2024 session of Governor's School will be sent to Governor's School Local Coordinators for each district/school to share with students.
April (TBD) Deadline for selected students to notify NCDPI of their decision to accept or decline.  
May 2024 Selected students submit forms and prepare for arrival.
June 23 - July 20 2024 session of Governor's School.