Application and Selection Process

Application Process

Students go through a local and state nomination process. Students are selected locally at the district-level or at the school level, if at a charter or non-public school. Each district/school has its own process to determine nominees for NCDPI at the state level.

If a student is interested in applying to attend the NC Governor's Schools, contact a local school official (e.g. Local Coordinator, school counselor, AIG specialist, etc.) to inquire about local processes.  Applications do not come directly to the state office.

Local deadlines vary. State-level nominations for the 2024 session are due by Friday, December 15, 2023.

Governor's School Application 2024

GS Recommendation Form 2024


Timeline Overview

  • September 2023: Application and Recommendation form for 2024 session released. 
  • November﹣December 2023: Local deadlines for local selection process. Check with your school counselor later in the Fall for the dates of this deadline. 
  • December 15, 2023: Deadline for state-level nominations from all districts, charters, and non-public schools. 
  • Early March: Selection notifications are sent to Governor’s School Coordinators to distribute. 
  • April 2024: Selected students will notify the NC Department of Public Instruction of their decision to accept or decline the invitation to attend the NC Governor’s School. 
  • mid-June, 2024 - mid-July, 2024: NC Governor’s School Session. 

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